You Season 4: Will It Return?

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In You season 4 this time, Joe Goldberg is back with a fury. At its recent Tudum event, Netflix revealed some fascinating new information about the most current season of the thriller, including story summaries, our first looks at new cast members, and a brief clip. And we are going to London this time.

Not only that, but Netflix also revealed the date for the new episodes, revealing that this would be the first time ever in the history of the show’s reunion with Penn Badgley’s psychopath that it will be broken into two parts. Check out our guide below for all the information released at the event as well as all the other confirmed announcements. Everything you need to know about You season 4 is available here, including the cast, remarks from Joe Badgley, and a summary of the events of season 3’s finale.

You Season 4: Release Date News

You Season 4: Will It Return?
You © Netflix

The fourth season of You will debut on Netflix in two parts in the beginning of 2023. On February 10th, Part 1 will debut, and on March 10th, Part 2.

You Season 4 Plot

You Season 4: Will It Return?
You © Netflix

‘You’ third season’s finale was pretty dramatic, to put it nicely. Joe went a little too far when he murdered his wife Love (Victoria Pedretti), left their infant with another family, pretended to pass away, baked his own toe into a pie to blame Love for the catastrophe, and then set fire to their suburban California home. Even by his standards, this was a bad decision.

Joe, who was going by “Nick,” had just arrived in Paris to search for Marienne, who was a native of that city when we last left him. We already know that the majority of You season 4 will take place in London, with a little piece of the season briefly taking place in Paris.

Joe has a new ego, it was revealed at the Netflix Tudum event. Currently, he is passing himself off as Jonathan Moore, a college instructor. This makes sense given that some of the show’s filming took place at Royal Holloway University. However, he hasn’t yet made it apparent what he’s up to in his new life.

And this time, alterations go beyond a shift in the location. In a statement to Entertainment Tonight, Badgley stated: “Although the format has changed, the tone is still evolving. We’re using a new structure, “He was tense. “The genre almost seems to be shifting a little. It also seems to work.”

You Season 4 Cast

You Season 4: Will It Return?
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Tati Gabrielle will reprise her role as Marienne, the target of Joe Goldberg’s obsession in season 3, albeit it is unknown in what capacity. Joe Goldberg will once again be played by Penn Badgley.

The remaining members of the main cast are new actors. Lukas Gage from Euphoria is the first performer up. He plays Adam, a wealthy American expat who frequently falls short of the standards set by his prosperous family.

The director of an art gallery, Kate, is portrayed by Feel Good actress Charlotte Ritchie. She is passionately devoted and leery of those who aren’t her pals. Kate’s closest companion is Lady Phoebe, also referred to as Tilly Keeper. Tilly Keeper attracts con artists a lot because of her notoriety, wealth, and reliability.

Amy-Leigh Hickman portrays Nadia, a strong-willed literature student and aspiring author who needs help burying some embarrassing past transgressions that put her life in danger. Last but not least, Ed Speleers portrays Rhys, a crazy novelist with a troubled history whose memoir shot him to prominence.

Niccy Lin, Aidan Cheng, Stephen Hagan, Ben Wiggins, Eve Austin, Ozioma Whenu, Dario Coates, Sean Pertwee, Brad Alexander, Alison Pargeter, and Adam James have also been given recurring roles.

We first saw all the new notable victims in the cast reveal video, which you can watch in the trailers section (apologies, we mean characters).

You Season 4 Trailer

We don’t yet have an official trailer for You season 4, but we do have the first teaser. Here, Joe is back in character as he introduces Professor Jonathan Moore, his new persona.

“I’m no longer the charming bookshop manager in New York, the friendly shop assistant in Los Angeles, or the devoted husband in the suburbs. No longer, “In the cast reveal video, Joe states. “Please allow me to reintroduce myself: Since coming over from across the pond, I’ve undergone some refinement. And being in London has given me the opportunity to, if you will, bury the past.”

Joe is approaching this situation with a new perspective and has put his homicidal past behind him. He says, “I’m keeping my typical extracurricular activities completely professional this time, focusing on academics and instruction. Really, do you believe him?

A longer season 4 trailer won’t likely come out for quite some time. Because the first look usually comes out around a month before the release of episodes, our best bet is that this will occur in January 2023.

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