Which is the best house in Hogwarts legacy

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The age-old House argument from the main Harry Potter series is not new to Hogwarts Legacy, but a few in-game elements really establish one particular House as the finest of the four (and one House as the worst). No matter, if they are die-hard Harry Potter fans or brand-new to the series, joining the finest House, will give players a thrilling, unique experience. On the other hand, if one makes this error during their first playthrough of Hogwarts Legacy, they may feel disappointed and regretful about their decision.

However, in accordance with canon tradition, there is a mechanism for pupils to be assigned to a House based on their characteristics. For those who want to feel as invested as possible, taking the online survey on the Harry Potter Fan Club website can let players be sorted into a Hogwarts Legacy House before they even log into the game. But there is a clear path to take for those who want to join the most worthwhile House in the game (and stay away from the least appealing choice).

Hogwarts legacy
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Which is the best house in Hogwarts legacy

Hufflepuff is the top House in Hogwarts Legacy. This set of students is reputed to be steadfastly devoted, diligent, and fair. Additionally, Hufflepuff players in Hogwarts Legacy are the only ones who can enter Azkaban because of their House’s special side mission. Some of the most dangerous criminals and animals in the wizarding world call this legendary jail home, and it holds a significant place in JK Rowling’s Harry Potter history. 

For Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin students, missing out on this renowned spot in Hogwarts Legacy can be a bummer, especially because their House-specific quests take place within the castle grounds. Hogwarts Legacy criticizes Ravenclaw, but Hufflepuff has a much more compelling case. It’s unfortunate because the player can frequently rely on the advice and assistance of the aspiring magic historian Amit Thakkar.

Ravenclaw lacks the special companion in the Hogwarts Legacy

Even if a player doesn’t want to represent the best House in Hogwarts Legacy, Hufflepuff, on their trip to Azkaban, there is still one House they ought to avoid picking in order to not miss out on a key gameplay element. It’s not clear why Ravenclaw, the House of Knowledge and imagination, is the only one without a special companion. Animagus, Natsai Onai, a bold and considerate Gryffindor; Sebastian Sallow, a cunning and charming Slytherin, and Poppy Sweeting, a compassionate and knowledgeable Hufflepuff, can all be of assistance. Meanwhile, Ravenclaws are denied the chance to have a special follower.

hogwarts legacy
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The decision of one’s House is ultimately quite personal, thus players can feel free to identify in-game as they would in real life. Houses don’t significantly affect the main plot, aside from variations in the common areas, restricted missions, and companions. Due to the lack of a true partner, Ravenclaw can, from a gameplay perspective, make players feel alone and let down. Hufflepuff stands out from the competition as the top House in Hogwarts Legacy because it is the only one that can visit Azkaban.

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