Warrior Nun Season 2: Everything we know so far

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Netflix’s occult fantasy series Warrior Nun ends with a huge cliffhanger, and the final twist just screams for a 2nd season. All info about Warrior Nun season 2 can be found here.

Over the course of Season 1, Netflix newcomer Warrior Nun evolves from a gritty teen series to an occult action series with a lovable ensemble cast. Ava’s search for destiny and her fight against hellish demons is strongly reminiscent of the hit series Buffy – Under the Spell of Demons.

After ten episodes, we can expect a shocking twist and a cliffhanger that makes the 2nd season on Netflix essential. But will Ava and the warrior nuns be allowed to continue fighting? And will we find out what Adriel really is? We have summarized the most important information about Warrior Nun season 2 for you.

Will there be Warrior Nun season 2?

On August 19, 2020, Netflix officially announced the 2nd season of Warrior Nun. With this, Netflix has taken a little more time than usual. Shortly after launch, Warrior Nun catapulted to No. 2 in the Netflix Top 10 and found a large fan base despite moderate critics.

Here you can see the trailer of Warrior Nun Season 2

Also, the creators behind the fantasy series were already planning firmly with the 2nd season – otherwise, there would certainly not have been such a blatant cliffhanger at the end. Showrunner Simon Barry also confirmed this in an interview with Decider:

When we were preparing for season 1, we were already thinking about Warrior Nun season 2 and where the series was going. You have to do that these days because obviously, you’re planning for success.

Warrior Nun Season 2: What happens next for the Warrior Nuns after the cliffhanger?

Warning, spoilers to the season 1 finale: At the end of Warrior Nun, we were surprised with a huge twist that turns the entire foundation of the Order of the Cruciform Sword’s story upside down. Ava (Alba Baptista) finds out that the angel Adriel (William Miller) was not an angel at all, nor did he bequeath his halo to the first Warrior Nun Areala to give her power.

As if this twist wasn’t enough, it also turns out that Father Vincent is behind the murder of Ava’s predecessor Shannon and is secretly a subject of the sinister Adriel. In the end, the warrior sisters find themselves alone and surrounded by Adriel’s demon hordes. Before it comes to the all-decisive battle, the season is also already over.

This is where Warrior Nun season 2 will certainly start. There are still some questions to be answered in the sequel. After Sister Lilith’s (Lorena Andrea) sudden resurrection, it has yet to be revealed what really happened to her in Hell and why she suddenly has supernatural abilities (and gray hair). Is she a high-ranking demon lord?

Warrior Nun on Netflix: Is Adriel really a devil? Season 2 should provide answers

Warrior Nun Season 2
Warrior Nun © Netflix

The biggest mystery for Season 2 is the true backstory of Adriel, who fled the other dimension centuries ago with a halo, was pursued by Tarask demons, and subsequently walled up in a tomb under the Vatican.

Since he ends up commanding a horde of demons, the question now is whether Adriel could even be “a devil,” as Ava refers to him. “The writers have exact plans for a possible season 2 with this set. I love Adriel’s character. He’s so complex, and his story has so many layers that we’ll explore later,” Alba Baptista tells Refinery29.

Although Warrior Nun is based on a comic book series, we can’t look to it for answers to our questions for Season 2. This is because the Netflix series is only very loosely based on the original by Ben Dunn and tells an independent and new story around the demon-hunting warrior nuns.

Warrior Nun Season 2: Release Date

Since the writers of Warrior Nun already have concrete plans for the 2nd season, the scripting phase should not take too long. However, it becomes more difficult concerning the shooting. Due to the Corona pandemic, productions of movies and series are still severely restricted internationally. Since Warrior Nun is being shot in Spain, the actors will have to travel a lot for filming.

The 1st season of Warrior Nun was shot between March and July 2019. Due to the many computer effects, post-production takes a lot of time. Thus, the 2nd season of Warrior Nun will be available on Netflix at the end of 2022.

In November 2021, Barry posted on Twitter that the main unit production had wrapped filming, which gave fans a hint that season 2 would likely drop sometime in mid-2022. Barry confirmed their suspicions in December 2021 when he posted a behind-the-scenes photo from set captioned, “Happy New Year from #WarriorNun – we can’t wait to share Season 2 with you in 2022!”

Do you want a 2nd season of Warrior Nun? What would you like to see in a sequel on Netflix?

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