Trapped in the Cabin on Lifetime: Release Date, Plot, Cast, and Trailer – All You Need to Know!

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Have you watched The Boy in The Walls and the popular manga The 7 Deadly Sins? If yes then you are a mystery lover. As fans of something mysterious and unknown Trapped in the Cabin, a movie by Derek Sulek is coming on Lifetime. The movie opens up with a simple note about an author who goes somewhere leaving her fans and people into the woods for some inspiration about her new book but something is not right.

Trapped in the Cabin Release Date: Do Not Miss The Date

The mystery drama is going to be released on the Lifetime channel on 13 August 2023. So mystery fans mark your calendar for the date.

Trapped in the Cabin

Trapped in the Cabin Plot: New Twists and Exciting Turns!

Popular romance novelist Rebecca Collins has run out of inspiration and focus to finish her latest novel. Her editor decided to send her to her cozy villa in the country, away from her nosy fans and her distractions. After a brief problem with hot water, she develops a captivating romance with local handyman Nathan. It heats up quickly, but soon he’s gone, the door is open, and someone is reading an unfinished draft. Rebecca finds the other items out of place, making her feel uncomfortable and she develops an unwavering sense that she is being watched.

Trapped in the Cabin: The Stellar Cast

Take a look at the cast of the movie-

  • Tiffany Smith as Rebecca Collins
  • David Lewis as Jason
  • Travis Burns as Nathan Andrews
  • Michael Perl as Officer Hough

Trapped in the Cabin: Where to Watch?

The movie will be available on Lifetime.

Trapped in the Cabin: A Glimpse into the Epic Journey!

Filled with mystery and thrill, the trailer gives a lot of chills and what will happen next will amaze you.

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