Titans Season 4: Release Date Announced!

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Fans of DC’s Titans have been waiting a very long time. With its third season, the wildly popular former DC Universe show made its premiere as an HBO Max original last year. Many hailed it as the show’s strongest effort to date. Will Titans season 4 exist? Let’s find out!

There has been a lot of debate over season 4 since season 3 came to an end. Season 4 was officially announced at DC FanDome, but the transition for the show hasn’t been the smoothest given the uncertainty surrounding Warner Bros. after its merger with Discovery and the future of the HBO Max streaming service, as well as the fact that this is the longest the show has gone without more firm release information (or any DC TV series, for that matter).

However, Titans will soon return to television, and you can discover all the current details you need about this below, including the cast, release information, a trailer release date, and more.

Titans season 4 release date

Titans Season 4: Release Date Announced!
Titans Season 4 © HBO Max

The fourth season of Titans will debut on HBO Max on November 3. The news was revealed during the panel for the program at New York Comic-Con.

After months of rumors that it might premiere in October, Entertainment Weekly initially announced a November release. Although that is a little later than the show’s typical release window (which typically sees new episodes broadcast in late summer/early fall), it makes sense that it can’t air just yet since production won’t be finished until the end of September.

Titans season 4 teaser

The first teaser trailer for Titans season 4 debuted at New York Comic-Con with the release window for the season only a few weeks away. Although it didn’t reveal much, it does hint at a rather gloomy season. Check it out here:

Titans season 4 first look clip

Two fresh season trailers for Titans were presented to attendees during the panel at New York Comic-Con. The first one introduces us to Titus Welliver’s Lex Luthor and hints that Tim Drake’s fictional boyfriend Bernard will make an appearance on the show.

At New York Comic-Con, the second brand-new Titans season 4 trailer was also unveiled. In this scene, the Titans are dressed up and engaged in combat with Mother Mayhem, a villain.

Titans season 4 cast

As of this writing, it is predicted that the bulk of the Titans main cast will return for the fourth season of the program. The following cast members, including some newbies, are all currently confirmed for regular parts, even though not every member of the cast will return on a regular basis:

  • Brenton Thwaites as Dick Grayson / Nightwing
  • Mame-Anna Diop as Kory Anders / Starfire
  • Teagan Croft as Rachel Roth / Raven
  • Ryan Potter as Garfield Logan / Beast Boy
  • Joshua Orpin as Conner / Superboy
  • Jay Lycurgo as Tim Drake / Robin
  • Joseph Morgan as Brother Blood
  • Franka Potente as Mother Mayhem

Other than that, Curran Walters is anticipated to return as Jason Todd/Red Hood, but it’s unclear whether he’ll be a series regular this time or just appear sometimes. However, considering the exits of their respective characters Donna Troy/Wonder Girl and Dawn Granger/Dove, it is unknown if Conor Leslie or Minka Kelly would return.

Titus Welliver will present renowned DC villain Lex Luthor as part of the Titansverse guest cast. However, he is not the only confirmed guest or cast member:

  • Titus Welliver as Lex Luthor
  • Lisa Ambalavanar as Jinx
  • James Scully in an unknown role

Titans season 4 photos

Before NYCC, the first official still image from Titans season 4 was made public. Examine it below:


Speaking of first looks, Ryan Potter’s new costume was also revealed in a first look shot. It’s true that Gar Logan’s Beast Boy will soon put on a suit. Check out what’s below, it’s amazing:

Titans season 4 synopsis: What is Titans season 4 about?

Titans Season 4: Release Date Announced!
Titans Season 4 © HBO Max

The titular squad of heroes from Titans season 4 will try to forge a new beginning and leave the troubled times in Gotham City behind. Unfortunately, they must go through an equally gloomy chapter after a quick halt in Metropolis. Brother Blood is on the route leading back to San Francisco.

The Titans fourth season’s official synopsis is provided below:

In the upcoming fourth season, having saved Gotham, the Titans hit the road to head back to San Francisco. But after a stop in Metropolis, they find themselves in the crosshairs of a supernatural cult with powers unlike anything they’ve faced before.

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