Them Season 2 On Prime Video: Release Date, Plot, Cast, and Trailer – All You Need to Know!

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The series Them on Prime Video had an interesting start back in 2021. The series focused on two major issues; one being the haunted things happening with the family and the second being target of every issue in the neighborhood. The story is based on an anthology so whenever the second season comes it has a new cast and story.

Them Season 2 On Prime Video: Release Date, Plot, Cast, And Trailer – All You Need To Know!
Prime Video

Will There Be Season 2 for Them?

The second season for Them is confirmed. As per the rumors, the second season of Them was supposed to be released this month but nothing has been mentioned or announced by the makers. Most likely the second season might come out around this year’s end.

How Many Episodes Will Be in Them Season 2?

According to the first season, there were 10 episodes in the series. So, whenever a second season is announced it will have 10 seasons.

Them Season 1: Covenant- What We Know So Far

The story starts in 1953 around the Second Great Migration, the Emory family migrates to North Carolina and settles in an all-white neighborhood. They are constantly targeted by something happening in the town. But it’s not what it seems.

Apart from being constantly targeted and insulted, the family also faces some supernatural things in the house they live. Although they manage to defeat the supernatural, they are surrounded by police outside their home. The first season ends here on a cliffhanger and has left an open ending. The most common explanation would be that the Emorys were wrongfully arrested. Being an anthology series, Them Season 2 will have a new story that is currently unknown.

Them Season 2 On Prime Video: Release Date, Plot, Cast, And Trailer – All You Need To Know!
Prime Video

Them Season 1 Cast

The season 1: cast of the Covenant are-

  • Deborah Ayorinde– Livia Emory (will return as Dawn Reeve, an LAPD detective in season 2)
  • Ashley Thomas- Henry Emory
  • Alison Pill- Elizabeth Wendell
  • Shahadi Wright Joseph- Ruby Emory
  • Ryan Kwanten- George Bell

The season 2- The Scare will feature new faces-

  • Pam Grier- Athena, Dawn’s mom
  • Joshua J. Williams- Kelvin Reeve, Dawn’s son
  • Jeremy Bobb- Ronald McKinney (LAPD detective and Dawn’s work partner)
  • Luke James- Edmund Gaines
  • Iman Shumpert- Corey, Dawn’s ex-lover
  • Carlito Olivero- Joaquin Diaz, a detective
  • Wayne Knight- Lieutenant Schiff, Dawn’s boss
  • Charles Brice- Reggie Marks, a lawyer


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