The Woman in the House Season 2: Why It Won’t Return

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The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl, which has one of the longest titles in Netflix history, made its debut on the service in late January 2022. Will there be The Woman in the House season 2? Let’s find out!

As many of you know, it was always promoted as a limited series, so despite the cliffhanger ending, we’re not expecting a season 2. Let’s see how the limited series did and see what has been said about a second season.

The satirical series, which stars Kristen Bell, has served as a parody for a variety of films and television programs throughout the years, including the Netflix Original The Woman in the Window with Amy Adams.

The eight-episode rollercoaster series, which will only take you four hours to watch from beginning to end, has gotten largely favorable reviews; as of April 28th, it has a 6.3 rating on IMDb.

As we previously reported, The Woman in the House ends on a major cliffhanger, forcing Bell’s character to reconsider her sanity after the passenger in seat 2A passes away in the airplane bathroom only to vanish when she goes to fetch a flight attendant. She does, however, know what she saw since she discovers a mirror stuck behind the plane seat.

The Woman in the House Season 1 Overview

The Woman in the House Season 2: Why It Won’t Return
The Woman in the House © Netflix

When season one ended, there was a lot for viewers to think about. In the epilogue, viewers learn that Anna and her ex-husband have reconciled and welcomed a new child. When Anna is traveling to New York to see Sloane, her best friend who landed a job as an art curator, she befriends the passenger in seat 2A (played by Glenn Close). The traveler says she is visiting New York for business.

In the middle of the trip, Anna finds the dead corpse of the passenger from seat 2A in the restroom. However, when she takes the flight attendant to the crime scene, there is no body, blood, or other signs that a person has even used the restroom, let alone been murdered. Even more perplexing, the flight attendant informs Anna that there is no one else in her row; seat 2A has always been vacant. The woman from seat 2A’s makeup compact is hidden between their seat cushions when Anna returns to her assigned seat.

The most straightforward storyline for Season 2 would involve Anna discovering who murdered the woman in seat 2A, but Bell has other plans for Anna’s image. “Within the first five minutes of episode one, Anna would solve the crime, and then we simply move into another mystery, like murders follow my character around,” she gushed to POPSUGAR.

Why The Woman In The House Season 2 Won’t Be Exist

The Woman in the House Season 2: Why It Won’t Return
The Woman in the House © Netflix

The show was always referred to as a limited series when it was first announced for Netflix (in October 2020). We’ve never seen one of the expanding number of limited programs on Netflix get renewed. Even though they were supposed to be limited, or mini-series as they are also known, shows like Your Honor on Showtime and The White Lotus on HBO received season extensions.

Then the show ended, which left the possibility of a second season wide open. In fact, several point out that the show is listed as “season 1” on the Netflix app rather than a limited series like other episodes.

Having said that, it is not anticipated or confirmed that the program will return for a second season.

The Woman in the House has been included on Netflix’s FYC page explicitly under the Limited Series section ever since it has been released.

Additionally, the limited series status is reiterated throughout the Netflix description. As of April 2022, the series’ description reads:

“Kristen Bell, Michael Ealy, and Tom Riley appear in this 2022 limited-series dark comedy.”

Despite all of this, the showrunners and the lead actor have hinted that a second season would air even though the likelihood is slim to none.

The three showrunners for the Netflix series, Rachel Ramras, Larry Dorf, and Hugh Davidson, spoke with EntertainmentWeekly in an interview (which, it should be noted, is full of spoilers).

Davidson revealed that they actually spent a few days drafting a season 2 when questioned about the fact that the program is advertised as a limited series yet given the cliffhanger ending:

“We’ll see. So, Rachel, Larry, and I spent a solid two or three days figuring out what might possibly be season 2, but we did it sort of as a joke and just to make sure we knew what the hell was going on.”

Kristen Bell, according to PopSugar, has even expressed interest in coming back for a second season of the show, saying that she would like to see her character solve the major mystery of the finale “within the first five minutes of episode one, and then we just go into another mystery like murders follow my character around.”

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