The Walking Dead season 11 just changed Rick Grimes’ fate for good

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The Walking Dead season 11 says goodbye to an important character in episode 17, changing not only the end of the comics, but also Rick Grimes’ fate.

In a few weeks, The Walking Dead will come to an end after 11 seasons. The final episodes about the conflict in the Commonwealth also adapt the final story arc of Robert Kirkman’s original. However, the comic and the series could not be more different from each other.

Warning, spoilers for new episodes of The Walking Dead and the end of the comics:

The 18th episode, A New Deal, surprises with a gruesome death that finally averts the end of The Walking Dead comics. For fans of the original, this moment of compensatory justice should cause cries of jubilation. It changes the fate of Rick Grimes forever.

The Walking Dead season 11 says goodbye to Sebastian Milton

He’s arrogant, privileged and an absolute creep. Hardly any character was hated as much in season 11 as Commonwealth son Sebastian Milton (Teo Rapp-Olsson). In episode 18, he now gets what he deserves. Or as showrunner Angela Kang describes it in an interview with TVLine, “Who doesn’t want to see this guy’s face get eaten?”.

Sebastian Milton - The Walking Dead
© Netflix: Sebastian Milton’s last appearance

When he tries to save his own skin and throw Max to a group of hungry zombies, karma strikes with full force (and a little help from Eugene). Before the eyes of the shocked Commonwealth residents, Sebastian is bitten by an undead in the large marketplace.

The zombie is killed by Judith Grimes (Cailey Fleming) with the Colt of her father Rick Grimes. But Sebastian himself is not redeemed. No one rushes to his aid and the witnesses watch inactively while he bleeds out in agony.

The Walking Dead saves Rick Grimes from Sebastian Milton

Sebastian’s premature demise comes as a particular surprise to fans of the comic book. There, he is not only one of the few characters who survive the end, but is also responsible for the biggest death of all of The Walking Dead: He is the murderer of Rick Grimes.

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