The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Ending Explained: Is Sloane Dead or Alive?

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The Umbrella Academy on Netflix tells the tale of a group of people with abilities who all have the same birthday and time of birth. The third season marks a very important transition in their journey, since the first two seasons concentrate on building the mythology and dynamics of the show.

The group is in a lot of problems as a result of the events in this chapter, where they not only have to cope with external threats but also internal tensions that have been simmering since the first season. This time around, there are a lot of ups and downs, disclosures, and deaths, while the program revisits some long-buried truths.

The conclusion places the party in a situation where there is no obvious path in front of them. They find themselves in a circumstance they never imagined would arise. They finally suffer the effects of the timeline’s constant manipulation, and they all lose something very valuable. Here, we examine the third season’s events and discuss their significance. Be prepared to read spoilers if you haven’t watched the show yet.

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Recap

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Ending Explained: Is Sloane Dead or Alive?
The Umbrella Academy © Netflix

The Umbrella Academy characters travel back to the day following the end of the world in their Season 1 timeline. They clearly changed history and saved the planet during the second season. They also understand that Reginald Hargreeves made further child selections for his academy, now known as the Sparrow Academy, as a result of their meeting.

The Umbrella Academy makes their home in Hotel Obsidian after a brief struggle with their rivals. They learn that their mothers were slain in this reality before they were born, preventing the existence of their doppelgängers. The black hole that was created in the academy’s basement as a result of their arrival in this timeline is also slowly destroying everything in the universe. In the meantime, Viktor reveals his identity to the group and drops the moniker Vanya.

Viktor reconnects with Harlan, while Klaus and Reginald get closer. Luther develops feelings for Sloane while Alison laments the loss of her family. Lila returns to Diego with a boy she introduces as their son by the name of Stan. It takes five tries to understand how the grandfather paradox came to be, why the world is deteriorating, and how to stop it. Nobody is aware of Reginald’s secret scheme, which is his own.

One by one, the Sparrow Academy students pass away, leaving only Ben and Sloane. Viktor and Alison restart their relationship, but quickly find themselves in a difficult situation when Viktor decides to save Harlan against the advice of the entire group. Alison makes a decision that has a significant impact on her relationship with Viktor when she realizes the real motivation behind Viktor’s plans to conceal Harlan.

What is Project Oblivion?

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Ending Explained: Is Sloane Dead or Alive?
The Umbrella Academy © Netflix

The final episode of “The Umbrella Academy” focuses on the group’s mission to reset the timeline and the universe after a lot of ups and downs, secrets, and revelations. The Umbrella Academy tries everything in their ability to control the black hole, but they are unsuccessful. As the world crumbles, things get worse, and finally the group is forced to consider Reginald’s one and only suggestion. They are hesitant to trust the elderly man, and for good cause, considering his prior behavior.

Reginald reveals to them that he had found a hidden doorway leading to a different dimension. Around it, he constructed Hotel Obsidian while working covertly to discover what is on the other side. Diego and Lila find a new Hotel Obsidian as they travel to the other side in search of Stan. The other hotel is essentially a machine that is housed in an other dimension, as Reginald eventually reveals. The only thing that can help them preserve the planet right now, in his opinion, is the machine, which must have been developed by the same being who created the cosmos.

This device is intended to reset the universe’s timeline, but in order to do it, it requires the proper fuel. The children who were unexplainably born on October 1st, 1989, provide that fuel. It was revealed that Reginald is an alien at the conclusion of season one. He releases some enigmatic golden particles, which eventually make their way to Earth and cause the birth of the forty-three superpowered offspring.

The children’s powers came from that golden substance, which Reginald subsequently takes from them to power the contraption and turn back time. He had long been contemplating carrying it out. In actuality, this was the only explanation for why he took in the kids and taught them how to master their abilities. He intended them to be powerful enough to take on the samurai protecting the portal and then be sacrificed later to power the device. The Umbrella and the Sparrow Academy were founded as a result of Project Oblivion, which he gave that name.

Is Sloane Dead or Alive?

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Ending Explained: Is Sloane Dead or Alive?
The Umbrella Academy © Netflix

Because he was concerned that using their powers to harvest them may result in their demise, Reginald had kept his plan a secret from everyone. He built a web of sophisticated lies where he used every single one of them because he knew that no one would freely accept to work with him. Despite his tries to convince them that he has changed, his children are unable to trust him because they have always known dad to be vicious and heartless. He ultimately establishes their accuracy.

He summons the abilities of seven people—Klaus, Five, Viktor, Ben, Lila, Diego, and Sloane—when the moment comes to turn on the machine. Because he only needs seven and had an agreement with Alison that was comparable to what he wanted for himself, he prevents her from joining them. At first, it seems as though all seven of them will pass away. However, when we look at the new chronology, everyone from the Sparrow Academy—including Luther—comes out on the other side. But Sloane is nowhere to be seen. Does this imply that she wasn’t able to withstand the situation?

Sloane was still alive when we last saw her. Sloane is still alive, albeit she is in equally horrible state as the others, after Alison murders Reginald but before she presses the button that stops the chronology. She is not, however, with the others as they emerge victorious.

Even though it raises some questions about her future, it doesn’t necessarily imply that she is dead. It might just be the case that she found another method to escape or that she is living far away in the alternate timeline. Klaus, who claims that she was just behind him, also confirms that she is still alive. Therefore, if she was unsuccessful in entering the elevator, it may indicate that she is still trapped in the pocket realm. If not that, there is undoubtedly another version of her in the alternate reality.

Is Reginald Hargreeves Dead or Alive?

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Ending Explained: Is Sloane Dead or Alive?
The Umbrella Academy © Netflix

In an agreement with Reginald, Alison promised to persuade the others to support his scheme. He would restore her to her kids and husband in exchange. She begins to have second thoughts, though, as she realizes Reginald is prepared to kill the others in order to gain what he wants. When he refuses her request to stop, she murders him. But in the end, Reginald is still around and in a far better location.

In the end, his device did indeed function. Alison received her desired outcome once the chronology was reset. She is reunited with her family, and the rest of the gang also survives, though their powers have been lost as a result of the machine having been powered by the golden substance that was taken from their bodies.

We learn that Reginald Hargreeves is living his best life in this new timeline as they all part ways. He’d always been a bit of an eccentric billionaire, a bit of a loner. But he seems to be everywhere in this planet. Before the camera pans to the tallest building with him and his wife on its top floor, we see his name on a number of structures.

Then again, didn’t Alison murder him? Yes. Although Reginald had passed away inside the portal, he was given a second chance at life when the timeline was restored. Abigail Hargreeves, Reginald’s wife, was revealed to be dead in the Season 1 finale. In order to bring her back, it transpires that he traveled to Earth and created Project Oblivian. He and Alison both wanted to go back in time to reunite with the people they loved, which explains how easily he persuaded her to go along with her plan and why he wouldn’t allow her take Five’s place when the golden particles were gathered.

Reginald had maintained Abigail’s remains on the moon even though she had been dead for a very long period. Though he kept the exact purpose of the expedition a secret from Luther, he had sent Luther there to keep her safe. His wife would still be alive in this universe if the timeline were reset. If she is still alive, he won’t need to release the golden particles into the atmosphere, which means there won’t be any children with superpowers and he won’t perish at Alison’s hands.

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