The Rings of Power: What will happen to the 3 Elven rings in the future?

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The 8th episode of The Rings of Power presents us with the first 3 titular artifacts. What will happen in the future with the powerful rings forged from gold, silver and mithril?

  • The first three Rings of Power have been forged.
  • What will happen now to the instruments of power and the salvation of the elves?
  • Who will be their bearers?

The forging of powerful ring artifacts is a key moment in the first season of The Rings of Power. But what happens now that the first 3 rings have been crafted and the Elves can be saved from doom? The bearers of the Elven rings are to become the most important and powerful figures of Middle-earth.

Tools of power, creation and hope for Middle-earth

Even though the forging of the Elven Rings took place somewhat differently in The Rings of Power series and was much shorter than in the books, the path ahead is clear. Since they were forged without Sauron’s hand, they were free from his corrupting influence.

Whoever carried them could ward off the wounds of time and bear the weariness of the world. In addition, the natural powers of the wearer were enhanced, and each ring had its own special element associated with it.

What were the powers and who were the bearers of the Elven rings?

Two bearers of the Elven Rings can already be seen in the forge in Eregion in the 8th episode “The Rings of Power”. The third, Círdan, has already been confirmed for the second season of “The Rings of Power”.

Galadriel becomes the bearer of Nenya, the Ring of Water. It was made of mithril and an inserted adamant that sparkled like a star. This made the later ruler of Lórien one of the most powerful elves ever and she was able to protect her realm against Sauron’s influence for a long time. This also made it possible for her to cast power through water and to see into the future in her mirror.

Young Elrond will one day also be the bearer of one of the Elven Rings. The Ring of Air, Vilya, was made of pure gold and was set with a large sapphire. It was first presented to the High King Gil-galad. After his death by Sauron’s hand at the Battle of Dagorland at the end of the Second Age, Vilya went to Gil-galad’s herald Elrond, who wore it from then on and kept it in Rivendell.

The third Ring of Power was Narya, the Ring of Fire, set with a ruby. First it went to the ruler of the Grey Anfurts and oldest Elf on Middle-earth, Círdan the Shipbuilder.

However, after Gandalf’s arrival on Middle Earth, Círdan gave the Elven Ring to the wizard to use in his mission to assist the peoples of Middle Earth. Through Narya, the bearer was able to awaken the fire of hope and tremendous courage in the hearts of all his companions.

It can be strongly assumed that the Elven Rings will play a great role in the future and we will probably see their bearers actively using them. Season 2 of “The Rings of Power” will probably be about how to use the Elven Rings to prevent the dying of the Elven race and at the same time keep Sauron from returning and forging more rings.

Where are the other rings?

The other Rings of Power, 7 for the dwarves and 9 for mortal men, were forged together by Sauron and the elves in Tolkien’s universe. In the series, this has yet to happen, and it is likely that the revealed Sauron will craft these alone in Mordor as tools of oppression in the fires of Mount Doom.

We won’t know until 2024 at the earliest how the second season of “The Rings of Power” will continue, but until then there will definitely be a lot of exciting news and revelations and leaks.

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