The Midnight Club: Season 2 and the contingency plan for the Netflix cancellation

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The new Netflix series The Midnight Club leaves us with numerous unanswered questions at the end. But will there be a 2nd season of the horror hit by Mike Flanagan?

Netflix’s latest series prank, The Midnight Club, offers an ideal introduction to Mike Flanagan’s horror world with eerie fireside tales and harrowing horror drama set in a youth hospice. But those who have seen his previous series (Haunted Hill House, Bly Manor and Midnight Mass) will be surprised after the 10 episodes: The story isn’t over yet.

After all, The Midnight Club is not a miniseries, but a horror story designed for several seasons. But will there even be a sequel? The most important information about the renewal of season 2 and the contingency plan in case of a Netflix cancellation can be found here.

Will there be a The Midnight Club Season 2?

The Midnight Club is breaking world records. Whether the horror series can also break audience records remains to be seen. The renewal is not yet in the bag. Netflix usually waits several weeks to months before making a final decision.

Watch the trailer for Netflix horror series The Midnight Club here:

Even if Netflix should extend The Midnight Club within the next few weeks, it would already be too late for a start next year. The 2nd season would therefore not be able to start on Netflix until 2024 at the earliest.

If The Midnight Club is canceled, there’s a contingency plan

Unfortunately, fewer and fewer Netflix series now make it past one season. Too often, new shows are canceled after nasty cliffhanger endings without giving fans answers to all their questions. But Mike Flanagan has a contingency plan to make sure that’s exactly what doesn’t happen in the event Goosebumps is canceled at midnight, as he explains to TVLine:

We haven’t answered some of the most important questions of the season. Those answers exist, but they’re for next season. If there aren’t any, I’ll post them on Twitter, and then at least we can all talk about it.

So for now, fans need not worry much that we will never know what happens next for Ilonka, Kevin, Spencer, Natsuki, Amesh and Cheri. However, a Twitter thread would be no substitute for a proper 2nd season that offers us new scary stories, tragic goodbyes and surprising answers to the many unanswered questions.

The Midnight Club: open questions and plans for season 2

The Midnight Club is largely based on Christopher Pike’s horror novel The Midnight Club. It has not yet been fully adapted in season 1. Thus, the final fate of some beloved characters is yet to be revealed. But the series is much more and expands the basic concept of the original with new characters and the mystery of the cult Paragon.

For season 2, some mysteries were left unsolved at the end:

Goosebumps at Midnight What is Georgina Stanton's secret?
© Netflix: What is Georgina Stanton’s secret?
  • Does the Brightcliff property really have healing powers?
  • Why does Georgina Stanton (Heather Langenkamp) have a Paragon tattoo?
  • Is she possibly Athena, the daughter of Paragon founder Regina Ballard?
  • What will Shasta or Julia Jayne (Samantha Sloyan) do next?
  • Why has Ilonka (Iman Benson) had supernatural visions from the beginning?
  • How did Brightcliff heir Stanley and his wife Vera become ghosts?
  • Will Amesh (Sauriyan Sapkota) be the next to die?
  • How could Anya’s ballerina figure be repaired? Is this her sign from the afterlife?

Another big difference from the book: there are more members of the Midnight Club in the Netflix series. And even though some of them will die sooner or later, according to Mike Flanagan, there will be new teenagers joining the nightly creepy hour at the hospice in the future:

As we lose our characters, new ones will come along for Ilonka to eventually commit. This cycle is something that doesn’t happen in the book, and we can do that.

In addition, the horror stories told by the kids also play a much more prominent role in The Midnight Club. These are largely based on other books by author Christopher Pike. So with about 80 novels written by Pike, the Netflix series has plenty of material for more midnight stories.

Would you like a second season of The Midnight Club?