The Killer: Netflix already has plans for further projects with David Fincher

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“The Killer” is currently topping the Netflix film charts. In the wake of its recent success, the streaming service has already expressed its interest in further projects with David Fincher.

Last week saw the release of “The Killer“, a dark thriller that has had Netflix audiences glued to their screens since its release. The two-hour trip of the nameless hitman (Michael Fassbender) is currently in first place in the Netflix film charts. As Collider reports, the streaming service would like to continue working with the man responsible for the current hit film in the future: David Fincher.

David Fincher can already look back on many years of collaboration with Netflix. The collaboration began in 2013 with the series “House of Cards”, for which he acted as director and producer. He also worked in the same two positions on the series “Mindhunter” before directing his first feature film for the streaming service, “Mank”, which was released in 2020. The biopic, starring Gary Oldman as the titular screenwriter, was even nominated in ten categories at the 2021 Academy Awards and ultimately won two trophies.

Now ‘The Killer’, the new film by David Fincher, is following on from this success story. With this dark thriller, the 61-year-old director ventures back into the genre that he has enriched in the past with films such as “Seven”, “Fight Club”, “The Game” and “Zodiac”.

Netflix wants to realize further projects with David Fincher

Although the audience on Rotten Tomatoes is not quite as enthusiastic about the film with a rating of 63%, Netflix subscribers seem to be extremely interested in the crude machinations of the assassin, as the chart position shows. The trade press, on the other hand, is fascinated by “The Killer”, awarding it a full 86% on the platform.

Due to the successful collaboration so far, it should come as no surprise that Netflix would like to realize further projects with David Fincher in the future – both in the film and series sector. Scott Stuber, Chairman of the Film Department at Netflix, explained in an interview that David Fincher is a true “Netflix treasure” in many respects and that they are looking forward to further joint projects with confidence:

“He’s one of the best people […] in our whole business, right? So whatever he wants to do in either medium, we’re excited. He’s just so talented. He’s so thorough, so precise. He’s really great. What I love about him is that he wants to make everyone better. He’s striving for something great and that’s someone you admire and want to do business with.”

It is currently unclear which project the three-time Oscar-nominated director will tackle next. Years ago, David Fincher was working on a sequel to “World War Z“, but it was canceled back in 2019. In a recent interview, the filmmaker revealed why he is no longer mourning the project. According to the interview, David Fincher is by no means interested in reviving the project.

If you would like to watch “Mank” and “The Killer”, you can find both works on Netflix.

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