The Great Season 3: Elle Fanning confirms release date

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She’s great and she’s back: Elle Fanning is expanding her reign as Catherine The Great soon. Hulu has confirmed Friday, May 12 as the release date for the third season of the satirical historical drama “The Great.” Of course, Nicholas Hoult as Peter III may not be missing. Fanning first announced the date on her Instagram profile.

The series tells the partly true story of the later Tsarina Catherine the Great, embodied by Elle Fanning. At the beginning of the third season, she and husband Peter now face the task of keeping their marriage going, despite seemingly insurmountable problems. Thus, Peter had to witness how Catherine threatened his life and also had all his friends imprisoned.

To distract himself from his thankless role as First Husband, Peter now throws himself into his fatherly duties, hunting and culinary ventures. But they can hardly satisfy him. Peter is constantly haunted by visions of his father (Jason Isaacs), who repeatedly reminds him that he is simply a disappointment as the son of Peter the Great.

At the same time, Catherine manages to attract attention and respect beyond the borders of her kingdom. Inspired by a visit from a U.S. ambassador, she has peasants, nobles and merchants gather for a conference where they can all present their vision for a new Russia. Yet Catherine must learn that even the best political leaders are ultimately left with only compromise to actually make progress.

Also starring are Phoebe Fox (Marial), Adam Godley (Archbishop “Archie”), Gwilym Lee (Grigor Dymov), Charity Wakefield (Georgina Dymova), Douglas Hodge (General Velementov), Sacha Dhawan (Orlo), Bayo Gbadamosi (Arkady) and Belinda Bromilow (Aunt Elizabeth). Tony McNamara again serves as showrunner.

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