The Boys: Permanent superpowers for Billy Butcher and Hughie?

Billy Butcher and Hughie also become superheroes in the 3rd “The Boys” season – but only temporarily. However, there is a possibility to make these powers permanent.

More than ever, Amazon’s brilliant superhero satire “The Boys” revolves around superpowers in Season 3. That’s because Billy Butcher and Hughie repeatedly pull in V24, the evil Vought corporation’s new compound-V variant that gives normals temporary superpowers, in the new episodes.

And in the most recently released 7th episode of Season 3, Kimiko also voluntarily decides to take Compound-V again and thus regain her powers.

For Butcher and Hughie, V24 finally puts them on equal footing with Supes like the Homelander or Soldier Boy. This naturally makes some among “The Boys” viewers wonder if the two will keep their powers after the end of Season 3 and in the already confirmed 4th edition.

At the same time, Starlight discovers in episode 7 that Hughie and Butcher are playing with their lives. According to this, as little as 3-5 takings from V24 can have deadly consequences.

And Butcher and Hughie are currently at three doses each – and have just gotten themselves more of the miracle drug.

The Boys: How Hughie and Billy Butcher can gain permanent superpowers

That seems to leave the two “The Boys” main characters with a pretty lousy decision: Either turn back into wimpy mere mortals – or kick the bucket and run sightlessly to their doom.

But in fact, the Amazon Prime Video series has already shown a way in season 2 for Butcher and Hughie to enjoy their newfound powers for longer. Normally, the superheroine-producing drug Compound-V is only injected into children. Because if adults take it, in most cases it ends fatally.

However, the Vought Group has already experimented with making Compound-V safe for adults as well. Initially, this led to a lot of dead bodies. But at the same time, the new procedure also worked on Cindy, a character “The Boys” viewers just met in season 2.

The Boys Season 2
The Boys © Amazon Prime Video

While Cindy has not yet reappeared in Season 3, the Vought corporation would be quite capable of giving Butcher and Hughie real and not just temporary superpowers.

The other question, however, is whether the Amazon Prime Video series “The Boys” even wants to take this step. After all, giving Hughie and Butcher permanent superpowers would be a radical departure from the comic book template.

It would also massively shift the balance of power in the “The Boys” world. Billy Butcher would then probably become more and more of a homelander – and between Starlight, who doesn’t want to be protected by him, and Hughie, who wants to protect her, there would certainly be plenty of conflicts.

The season 3 finale of “The Boys,” which will be released on Friday, July 8, will clarify this issue.

Source: Screenrant