Star Trek Picard Season 3: Tasha Yar’s return in Season 3 is that easy to explain

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Tasha Yar will return in Star Trek Picard Season 3. We’ll tell you how the foundation stone was already laid in “The Next Century”.

  • Actress Denise Crosby has announced the return of Tasha Yar for Season 3 of Star Trek: Picard.
  • Tasha Yar actually died in The Next Generation (TNG) Season 1, so how is she supposed to return?
  • In addition to Tasha Yar, Denise Crosby could also return as the half-Romulan Sela.

Star Trek: Picard season 3 will see Denise Crosby reunite as Tasha Yar, the Starship Enterprise actress has confirmed. However, observant fans of the ‘Star Trek’ universe know that Tasha Yar died in the first season of ‘The Next Generation’. How is a return possible?

The return of Tasha Yar in Star Trek: Picard is actually quite easy to explain, but before we get to that, we need to go through Tasha’s story because her death at the end of TNG Season 1 was not the end of Denise Crosby’s “Star Trek” career.

The famous season 3 episode “The Old Enterprise” marks the return of Tasha Yar – from another timeline. This version ends up traveling back to the Prime timeline, though not in the same time as Picard (Patrick Stewart) and his crew. There she is captured by the Romulans and eventually becomes pregnant by a Romulan general.

Tasha Yar’s daughter, Sela, a half-Romulan, later makes a cameo appearance (four times in all) in Starship Enterprise: The Next Century. She tells Picard that the Yar version from the other timeline was eventually executed by the Romulans, but it is clear that Sela is not a reliable narrator.

Aside from the fact that it’s not clear if she’s telling the truth, she was just four years old when her mother was allegedly executed. Traumatic events can cloud perception. So it’s possible that Tasha Yar is still alive.

With Denise Crosby promising Tasha Yar’s return , and not just her return to the Star Trek universe, fans can stay excited. Sela may also make a comeback in Star Trek: Picard.

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