Star Trek: Cult star Jonathan Frakes knows he’s become a meme – and loves it!

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Star Trek” star Jonathan Frakes has become an Internet phenomenon through “X-Factor: The Inconceivable”. He’s aware of it and loves the fact that he’s still known by a younger generation.

  • Jonathan Frakes is known not only for “Star Trek,” but also for “X-Factor: The Inconceivable.”
  • His hosting of the scary series has become a phenomenon on the Internet. Jonathan Frakes is a meme!
  • The iconic actor now talks about loving this fact and explains why it excites him.

Through “Star Trek: Picard” Jonathan Frakes celebrates his acting comeback in the “Star Trek” universe. He wasn’t absent, however, as he served as director on “Star Trek: Discovery.” But even for non-Trekkies, Jonathan Frakes is and remains a familiar face: through “X-Factor: The Inconceivable” he became a meme.

On Instagram, TikTok and the like, there are clips galore in which Jonathan Frakes asks us random things: “Can a human be so down on his luck? Can a horse have psychic abilities? What kind of life does a creepy author lead? I wonder what he would look like if we took off his noble beard?” It only gets more abstruse.

But Jonathan Frakes doesn’t just ask us questions as host of “X-Factor.” He also points out that we’re wrong: “I’m sorry to disappoint you. This story is fictitious.” Every Internet user has surely stumbled across a Jonathan Frakes meme at some point! Or do you disappoint us and give the lie to our article?

In an interview with US magazine Collider, the “Star Trek” icon now reveals that he is aware of having become an Internet phenomenon: “I couldn’t be more excited, it makes me still feel current, it makes me feel young, it makes me feel like I’m part of where … kids don’t watch TV, they don’t watch it, they don’t have TV. Memes are a source of communication that didn’t exist in the ’90s.”

It’s a weird award for the absurdity of doing it, because memes often have an ironic and playful undertone, and the tone of our show was the same way. Yeah, I’m actually proud of it, of the memes, and the funniest one, I think, is this half-slow-motion, ‘Have you ever been to a Chinese restaurant?’ It sounds like Riker is … or is not Riker. It sounds like Frakes is drunk, it’s very clever, somebody must have spent a lot of time cutting it together like that.

Jonathan Frakes

“X-Factor: The Inconceivable” was still hosted by James Brolin, father of Thanos star Josh Brolin, in its first season before Jonathan Frakes took over. The series ran from 1997 to 2002, and Frakes has a cameo in “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast),” which is based on “X-Factor.” The media popularity of “X-Factor” now even ensured that the series will return with a revival in a few days.

In the “Star Trek” universe, Jonathan Frakes will be back in “Star Trek: Picard” Season 3 starting Feb. 16, 2023. But it doesn’t have to be Frakes’ last “Star Trek” adventure. We list all the new “Star Trek” releases.