Star Trek: Here’s how Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk avoided a mistake by William Shatner’s Kirk!

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There are two timelines in the “Star Trek” films. Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk from the Kelvin timeline avoids a mistake made by William Shatner’s Captain Kirk from the Prime timeline.

  • Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk from the Kelvin timeline avoids a problem from William Shatner’s Captain Kirk.
  • Shatner’s Kirk of the Prime timeline has a lifetime regret of accepting promotion to admiral.
  • He aspired to climb the corporate ladder, but what he really wanted was to be where the action is. The Kelvin-Kirk was aware of this earlier.

Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk in the “Star Trek” universe is an alternate timeline version of William Shatner’s Captain Kirk. The three films through “Star Trek Beyond” are set in what is known as the Kelvin timeline, while ” Starship Enterprise ” and the films play with William Shatner in the Prime timeline.

The Kelvin timeline Captain Kirk is way ahead of the Prime line in one aspect, realizing something that took William Shatner’s Kirk 3 seasons of a series and 4 movies to accomplish. It’s about promotion to vice admiral.

In “Star Trek Beyond,” Kirk (Pine) is bored with everyday life on the Enterprise and considers a promotion to Vice Admiral. His application is accepted and actually Kirk already had it for sure, but the mission with his crew has opened his eyes again: He belongs on a spaceship and not behind a desk.

This is a description that applies to both Captain Kirk variants, but William Shatner’s Captain Kirk was also promoted to a chair fart between ‘Starship Enterprise’ and the first ‘Star Trek’ film. This is underlined by the fact that he doesn’t enjoy his new position and always tries to serve as a captain on the Enterprise.

William Shatner’s Captain Kirk never tires of emphasizing that getting a promotion is one of his greatest regrets about his life. Only in the fourth part, when Kirk is demoted, does he have his way and is once again the captain of a spaceship. However, he does not forgive himself for having spent his heyday behind a desk.

Thus, the Kelvin-Kirk attained wisdom at a significantly younger age. But it also has to be said that Kelvin-Kirk was massively shaped by events from the Prime timeline and was also driven to “mature” faster by meeting Spock (Leonard Nimoy) from the Prime timeline.

Chris Pine is slated to return as Captain Kirk in Star Trek 4, but the film is currently on hold. It remains to be seen when and if there will be a new film. We list you all “Star Trek” new releases!

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