Spider-Man 4 with Tom Holland: Release date, cast, story & all important info on the MCU sequel.

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After the Spider-Man trilogy, the MCU franchise will continue with Tom Holland. We collect all the information such as release, cast and villains for you.

With Spider-Man: No Way Home, the trilogy around Tom Holland’s superhero has been brought to a temporary conclusion. However, the end of the MCU blockbuster does not necessarily mean the end of the series. Some time ago, reports emerged that there will be more Spider-Man movies with Tom Holland.

Until the release of Spider-Man 4, we collect all the important information for you, such as cast, story, trailer and theatrical release. The article will be updated regularly and new information will be added.

Cast: who is in the cast of Spider-Man 4?

So far, it has only been reported that Amy Pascal wants to make more Spider-Man movies with Tom Holland. However, according to Screen Rant, at least two big names from the previous installments are expected to return.

Zendaya as MJ and Jon Watts as director of the previous Spider-Man movies with Holland are also reportedly at the top of Sony’s wish list for Spider-Man 4.

Story: what is the plot of Spider-Man 4?

We can only speculate about the story of Spider-Man 4. For sure, an upcoming movie will tie in with the ending of Spider-Man: No Way Home. Here, Peter Parker was erased from everyone’s memory to undo the multiverse chaos he unleashed.

A new rumor also states that there will be a Daredevil crossover in Spider-Man 4.

Whether Spider-Man 4 will return to multiverses and possibly bring back older villains or stars like Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire in their Spider-Man roles remains to be seen. After the post-credit scene in No Way Home, it’s also unclear whether the long-awaited clash between Tom Holland as Spider-Man and Tom Hardy as Venom will happen.

Release date: When is the theatrical release of Spider-Man 4?

With the MCU films scheduled through 2023, Marvel fans will certainly have to wait quite a while for Spider-Man 4. We don’t expect a theatrical release before 2024.

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