Slow Horses season 2: Apple TV+ reveals release date for the continuation of the spy drama

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The series “Slow Horses” was extended by the streaming service Apple TV+ for several seasons at once. Now the spy drama returns to the streamer’s program with a 2nd season in December 2022.

  • The drama series “Slow Horses” is getting a 2nd season from Apple TV+. Seasons 3 and 4 of the series have also already been ordered.
  • Now the streaming service has announced that the 6 new episodes will be released weekly starting December 2, 2022.
  • Apple TV+ already published a first teaser for the new episodes.

The spy drama “Slow Horses” will return to Apple TV+ with season 2 before the end of 2022. Now the streaming service has revealed the exact start date for the new episodes. We have summarized everything important about the new episodes, starring Gary Oldman, for you below.

Slow Horses Season 2: Release Date

Apple TV+ has finally revealed the exact start date for the new episodes of “Slow Horse”. The agent thriller starring Gary Oldman will continue with 6 new episodes starting December 2, 2022. In addition, seasons 3 and 4 of the series have also already been ordered.

Slow Horses Season 2: Storyline

Season 2 will implement the novel “Dead Lions: A Case for Jackson Lamb” by Mick Herron. In it, Dickie Bow, a former informant for Jackson Lamb, follows a mysterious person he knows from old times onto a train and then onto a bus.

Bow eventually dies apparently of natural causes, but Lamb knows something is wrong and uses his hopeless team to poke into long-hidden Cold War secrets. Of course, being spy secrets, they don’t stay hidden, and soon there’s a very real threat to modern-day Britain.

Slow Horses Season 2: Trailer

A first teaser for season 2 has already been released. In it, we learn that an agent has been killed and left a message. This leads Lamb’s team on the trail of the Russians and a traitor at the highest level.

Slow Horses Season 2: Cast

Also in season 2 we will see again Jack Lowden as River Cartwright, Gary Oldman (“The Dark Knight”) as Jackson Lamb, Saskia Reeves (“Luther”) as Catherine Standish, Christopher Chung as Roddy Ho, Dustin Demri-Burns as Min Harper and Rosalind Eleazar as Louisa Guy.

Also returning are Kristin Scott-Thomas as Diana Taverner, Jonathan Pryce (“The Crown”) as David Cartwright, Freddie Fox (“The Crown”) as “Spider” Webb and Samuel West as Peter Judd. In addition, Rade Šerbedžija (“24 – Twenty Four”) joins the cast as former Russian agent Nikolai Katinsky.

Not returning will be Olivia Cooke (“House of the Dragon“) as Sid Baker. She was killed by a gunshot to the head in Season 1.

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