Shadow Detective Season 2 on Disney+: Who is Jin Goo’s Kook Jin-Han?

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The seasoned detective in the upcoming Disney+ original drama series “Shadow Detective” gets a curious call one day from a “friend,” which prompts him to delve into his murky history. He also becomes the main suspect in the murder of a fellow detective as a result of the call.

Director Han Dong-hwa stated, “I was captivated by the idea that the series fronted an old detective as a protagonist,” at a local press conference on Tuesday at the Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas in Gangnam District, southern Seoul. Let’s see what the drama and characters unfolds!

Shadow detective
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Who is Kook Jin-Han in the Shadow Detective Season 2

Detective Kim Taek-Rok (Lee Sung-Min) has worked at the Geumo Police Station for many years. He’s holding out until retirement. As the head of Kim Taek-Rok’s investigation unit at Geumo Police Station, Kook Jin-Han (Jin Goo) is transferred there. Kim Taek-Rok receives a call one day. The caller introduces himself as an old friend to Kim Taek-Rok. His enigmatic phone calls start off like that. Kim Taek-Rok’s old friend calls him and confesses to killing Woo Hyun-Seok, one of Kim Taek-Rok’s coworkers. Soon after, Kim Taek-Rok is named as a suspect in Woo Hyun-Seok’s slaying.

The caller advises them to investigate Kim Taek-Rok’s past to discover any wrongdoings. Kook Jin-Han initially believes Kim Taek-Rok killed Woo Hyun-Seok, but as time passes, he starts to believe Kim Taek-Rok is innocent. With the assistance of detectives Lee Sung-A (Kyung Soo-Jin) and Son Kyung-Chan (Lee Hak-Joo), Kim Taek-Rok’s old acquaintance, is now being sought for.

Who is playing the role of Kook Jin Han in Shadow Detective season 2?

Kook Jin-Han is played by Jin Goo. He made his television debut as the younger version of the main character in the gambling drama “All In” in 2003.

His performance in the 2009 noir thriller Mother by Bong Joon Ho earned him Best Supporting Actor accolades from both the Grand Bell Awards and Blue Dragon Film Awards. Additionally, he is well recognized for his part in the critically acclaimed and popular television series Descendants of the Sun.

The Shadow Detective Season 2 will be out on 5th July 2023 on Disney+

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