Secret Invasion: Release Date, Plot, & Cast

Secret Invasion: What to Expect from Marvel's New Series

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is known for its thrilling and action-packed movies and TV shows. With the success of their previous TV shows such as WandaVision, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Loki, and Hawkeye, Marvel is set to release another TV show called Secret Invasion. This limited series is set to be an exciting addition to the MCU and is expected to bridge the gap between Captain Marvel and its sequel, The Marvels, which is set to be released in 2023. In this article, we’ll be diving into the world of Secret Invasion and everything we know about this upcoming sci-fi TV show.

Secret Invasion is a six-episode limited series that is set to premiere on Disney Plus on June 21, 2023. The show is based on the Marvel Comics storyline of the same name, where the shape-shifting aliens known as Skrulls infiltrate Earth, posing as superheroes and world leaders. The series will be a high-stakes, sci-fi spy thriller that will keep fans on the edge of their seats.

Secret Invasion: Who are the Cast Members?

The cast members include some big names from the MCU, as well as some new faces. Samuel L. Jackson will be reprising his role as Nick Fury, and Ben Mendelsohn will be returning as Talos. Cobie Smulders will be returning as Maria Hill, and Don Cheadle will be returning as James Rhodes. Martin Freeman will also be reprising his role as Everett K. Ross.

Secret Invasion: Cast
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Joining the returning cast members are Emilia Clarke (“Game of Thrones”, “Terminator Genisys”), who is rumored to be playing the role of SWORD commanding officer Abigail Brand from the comics, and Kingsley Ben-Adir (“The OA”, “One Night in Miami”) as the Skrull leader Gravik.

Secret Invasion: Cast
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Olivia Colman (“The Crown”, “The Father”) will be playing the role of Special Agent Sonya Falsworth, and Christopher McDonald (“Thelma & Louise”, “Happy Gilmore”), Carmen Ejogo (“Selma”, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”), and Killian Scott (“Dublin Murders”, “Calvary”) will also be joining the cast.

Secret Invasion: Who is Behind the Scenes?

The creator and head writer of the show is Kyle Bradstreet, who is known for his work on Copper and Mr. Robot. Bradstreet is also serving as an executive producer alongside Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige, Louis D’Esposito, Victoria Alonso, Brad Winderbaum, and Jonathan Schwartz.

The full roster of directors for the series has not been unveiled yet. However, we know that Thomas Bezucha and Ali Selim have helmed episodes of the show.

Secret Invasion: Plot

Secret Invasion: Plot
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The plot is still shrouded in mystery. However, we do know that the show will not be dealing with the multiverse, which is the main concept behind the current MCU saga. Instead, the show will be bridging the gap between Captain Marvel and its sequel, The Marvels.

Fans of the MCU can expect an action-packed, sci-fi spy thriller with a high-stakes plot. The show will feature some of the most beloved characters from the MCU, as well as some new faces. The show is set to bridge the gap between two movies in the MCU, which is sure to excite fans who are eagerly anticipating the release of The Marvels.

While we don’t know if this show will be connected to other MCU series, it’s safe to say that Marvel Studios is building a cohesive and interconnected universe. In the past, the studio has referenced events from movies and shows in other projects, and they have also introduced new characters and concepts in their TV shows that later appear in the movies. Therefore, it’s possible that Secret Invasion will have some connections to other MCU shows or movies, either through subtle references or more overt crossovers.

One possible connection is with the upcoming Ms. Marvel series, which features a young Pakistani-American superhero named Kamala Khan. In the comics, Kamala has a close relationship with Carol Danvers, also known as Captain Marvel, who plays a key role in the Skrull invasion storyline. While Kamala didn’t appear in the Secret Invasion comics, it’s possible that she could have a cameo or a small role in the show to further connect it to the wider MCU.

Another potential connection is with the upcoming Armor Wars series, which features Don Cheadle reprising his role as James Rhodes, also known as War Machine. In the comics, Rhodey plays a key role in the aftermath of the Skrull invasion, so it’s possible that Secret Invasion could set up some of the events that lead to Armor Wars.

Secret Invasion: Plot
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Of course, these are just speculations, and we won’t know for sure until the show premieres. However, one thing is certain: the show is shaping up to be another exciting addition to the MCU, with a talented cast and crew and a thrilling sci-fi spy storyline. Fans of the comics and the movies alike are eagerly anticipating the show’s premiere on Disney Plus this summer.

Secret Invasion is a highly anticipated limited series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, set to debut on Disney Plus this summer. The show will feature a star-studded cast, including Samuel L. Jackson, Emilia Clarke, and Ben Mendelsohn, and will tell a high-stakes, sci-fi spy thriller story set between Captain Marvel and its sequel, The Marvels. While we don’t know much about the plot, the trailers have teased some exciting action and intrigue, and fans are eagerly waiting to see how the show will fit into the wider MCU.

As with all Marvel projects, there are plenty of speculations and theories about how Secret Invasion will connect to other movies and shows in the franchise. While we won’t know for sure until the show premieres, it’s exciting to think about the possibilities and to see how Marvel Studios will continue to build a cohesive and interconnected universe.

Secret Invasion: Release Date & Trailer

the premiere of Secret Invasion, which is set to air on Disney Plus on June 21, 2023. Fans speculating about which beloved characters will be making appearances and what twists and turns the plot might take. While we still have a few months to go until the premiere, Marvel has just released an exciting new trailer that’s sure to get fans even more excited.

The trailer hints at the shape-shifting Skrulls playing a central role in the story, and we see glimpses of some of the show’s impressive cast. As we wait for the show’s premiere, fans are sure to be busy dissecting every frame of the trailer and speculating about what surprises the series has in store

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