Protecting the Electrical Wires in Your House Against Mice in Round Rock, Texas

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As a homeowner, you will never want to find mice running around your house. These rodents spread their droppings and urine when they wander through your living space. Also, they are known for carrying different diseases and bacteria. As mice scratch into your walls at night, they can disrupt your sleep. Mice enter your house through tiny gaps as they look for warmth and shelter. 

One of the problems associated with a mouse infestation is the risk of damaged electrical wiring. This can happen as these rodents make their way through the walls. If you think there are mice in your house, reach out to an expert in pest control Round Rock, TX as soon as possible. Mice tend to reproduce quickly, so waiting to allow experts to intervene will only allow mice to grow in numbers. 

Why Mice Chew Electrical Wiring

The teeth of mice do not stop growing. To maintain the sharpness and length of their teeth, mice tend to chew constantly. This can be compared to why people trim their nails. Mice are drawn to wires due partly to their round shape and ability to hold them with their paws when they chew. In addition, wires have metals that help sharpen their teeth. Mice chew wires not only in homes and commercial buildings but also in vehicles. No matter where the wires are, mice can wreak havoc, and possibly create a fire hazard. 

How to Know Rodents Are Chewing Your Wires

If you think mice are damaging the wires in your house, hire pest control services right away. You will know that mice have invaded your home when you see their droppings or nesting sites, hear them scratching in your walls, notice bite marks on cables and wires, and see live mice in the garage or near your cars. Also, if circuits tend to trip repeatedly or appliances fail without an obvious reason, mice might have compromised them. 

The Dangers of Mice Chewing Wires

Chewed electrical wires can lead to major issues like electrical failures, a house fire, or appliance malfunctioning. If you think mice are wreaking havoc in your house, act immediately by contacting a pest control company. It does not take long for mice to create a serious infestation. 

To prevent mice from chewing your electrical wires and other home features, prevent them from entering from the get-go. This means sealing all entry points common in the foundation, around doors and windows, and behind gaps in your siding. Also, trim trees near your house to minimize the chances of rodents entering your house. It can help to cover the wiring in your house with steel or plastic to prevent mice from chewing through them. 

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