Peacemaker in Season 2 confirmed by James Gunn, Shares Exciting Update and Return of John Cena

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Peacemaker Series, created by James Gunn and featuring John Cena as the lead anti-hero, has been the subject of much anticipation. Recently, Gunn provided an update on the status of the show’s second season, putting an end to the speculations surrounding it. Great news, everyone! John Cena will be reprising his role as Peacemaker, and James Gunn, the director of the previous film, will be returning as well. This exciting confirmation came from Gunn himself during an appearance on the podcast Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum.

Gunn stated that the show will be “coming back” and revealed that he will be working on it after completing his current project, Superman: Legacy, which he is directing as part of the DC Universe lineup of movies. He expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming endeavor, mentioning that he will transition directly from Superman to Peacemaker without taking a break in between. So, fans can look forward to seeing John Cena back in action.

Peacemaker In Season 2 Confirmed By James Gunn, Shares Exciting Update And Return Of John Cena
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James Gunn Provides Insight into Second Season’s Timeline and Connection to Amanda Waller Series

In a previous statement back in April, James Gunn had mentioned that the second season of the Peacemaker show would be returning “after Superman,” although he didn’t provide further details at the time. However, during his recent appearance on the podcast Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum, Gunn clarified some aspects. He revealed that a show centered around Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller would be released before Peacemaker and that there would be overlap in terms of characters appearing in both shows. It’s worth noting that both Peacemaker and Amanda Waller appeared in Gunn’s film The Suicide Squad. Gunn also mentioned that there won’t be a direct sequel to The Suicide Squad.

Unveiling the Complexities in Season 2: John Cena’s Acclaimed Portrayal and Impactful Characterization

Peacemaker, portrayed by John Cena, takes the spotlight in the upcoming show. Peacemaker, whose real name is Christopher Smith, is a character known for his patriotism and his unwavering commitment to achieving peace, no matter the sacrifices or extreme measures required, including disturbingly violent methods.

Peacemaker In Season 2 Confirmed By James Gunn, Shares Exciting Update And Return Of John Cena
Image via HBO Max

The series delves deep into Peacemaker’s intricate and twisted moral code as he embarks on perilous missions to safeguard the world. With a dark sense of humor and adrenaline-pumping action, the show explores the complexities of this flawed hero and the far-reaching ramifications of his actions.

John Cena’s portrayal of Peacemaker garnered immense praise from critics, who commended his ability to seamlessly blend physical comedy with a nuanced portrayal of the character. His dedication to finding depth and complexity within Peacemaker left a lasting impression on viewers.


In addition to his remarkable performance, Cena made headlines by enthusiastically embracing his role even outside of the show. He frequently appeared at public events dressed as the character, generating significant buzz and contributing to the series’ viral success.

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