Paper Girls Season 2: Why It Is Cancelled?

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There is potential for Paper Girls to become for Prime Video what Stranger Things is for Netflix. It is a dark sci-fi drama with a youthful focus that has built-in popularity because of the original graphic novel by Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang. Will Paper Girls season 2 exist? Let’s find out!

It included a gritty coming-of-age story, a love story for LGBTQ+ individuals that people could support, and a ton of wild plot twists as our group of adolescents from the 1980s unexpectedly found themselves in the far-off world of pre-pandemic 2019. Remember those days? fun times

Sadly, it wasn’t enough, and in September 2022, it was announced via Deadline that the show was being canceled before season two began filming, despite the streaming platform’s promise of something new and exciting.

However, some optimism remains because the series might not be completely dead.

Here are why it was canceled and how it might be returned for a second installment.

Paper Girls season 2: What happened?

Paper Girls season 2: What happened?
Paper Girls © Amazon Prime Video

The cancellation of Paper Girls, a program that received so many positive reviews, shocked fans of the genre because it should have been a success. However, people just weren’t buying what the show was offering in some of the more popular regions, which it needed to survive.

According to statistics aggregator FlixPatrol, it performed well in Spain, Italy, and France, where it remained in the Top 10 most-watched shows on Prime for 32, 31 and 30 days, respectively. But only in those three nations did it surpass the month-long threshold.

The release of Stranger Things 4 volume 2 on July 1—four weeks before Paper Girls—probably contributed to Paper Girls’ difficulties. In either case, it would have been a gamble. The arrival of Paper Girls couldn’t have been more perfect since, in the best-case scenario, fans of the popular series may have sought something to replace the void left by Hawkins, Indiana.

The opposite happened, though, as viewers didn’t have time to settle into a new season since they were too busy analyzing the program, lamenting certain deaths, and obsessing over Vecna on TikTok (we won’t judge).

Paper Girls seems to have lost its audience’s attention as they were engrossed in their more action-oriented series The Terminal List with Chris Pratt, moving down their “must watch” lists before finally being eliminated.

Because of this, Paper Girls could not enter Nielsen ratings, only spent one day in the UK’s top 10, and never entered the US charts.

Given how much streaming services rely on viewership and whether that can cover the expense of production, it appears that after the first month, the end was inevitable.

Will Paper Girls return?

Will Paper Girls return?
Paper Girls © Amazon Prime Video

Despite awaiting that crucial renewal, the Paper Girls team was undoubtedly working on season two; they admitted as much to us.

“The core of this tale concerns four girls who are strangers to one another. Throughout these eight episodes, they interact and either become friends, adversaries, or frenemies “At San Diego Comic Con, showrunner Chris C Rogers provided clarification to Digital Spy and other media. And so, in many ways, we wanted them to be torn apart because that would be the worst thing that could happen at that point.

In the sense that towards the conclusion of this series, there will be a f**king dinosaur, we also wanted this to sort of progress from the small to the enormous. We are signaling that the play will expand and move into a wider scale and spectacle by moving to the cathedral and leaving these terrestrial environs.

Unfortunately, Paper Girls was canceled, but according to the report from Deadline, they’re attempting to bring it back by finding a new home.

Unlike our girls, we cannot regrettably time travel to inform you of the outcome. In any case, we’ll keep you informed.

Until then, sadly, we must presume that the program will always be mired in the past.

You can watch Paper Girls right now on Prime Video.

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