Outlander Season 7: Prequel series “Blood of My Blood” about Jamie’s parents officially confirmed!

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“Outlander: Blood of My Blood” has been officially confirmed. It is a prequel series that will revolve around the love story of Jamie Fraser’s parents also Outlander season 7 is coming soon.

  • US broadcaster Starz confirms work on a prequel series to the mega hit “Outlander”.
  • The new series is titled “Outlander: Blood of My Blood.”
  • It will be about the love story of Jamie Fraser’s parents.

Outlander” is an absolute hit. Currently, Outlander Season 7 is being diligently worked on and US broadcaster Starz is not to leave it at that. In addition to the parent series, a prequel entitled “Outlander: Blood of My Blood” is also being worked on.

The “Outlander” prequel will be about Jamie Fraser’s (Sam Heughan) parents, more specifically the love story of Ellen MacKenzie and Brian Fraser. Matthew B. Roberts, who is also responsible for “Outlander,” is back on board as showrunner.

In addition to Roberts, Maril Davis, Ronald D. Moore and, of course, Diana Gabaldon are also involved in the series. Gabaldon is the author of the “Outlander” novel, and is currently working on a prequel book about Jamie’s parents. So the series and the book are being set up in parallel.

From the official side, a statement was written: “‘Outlander’ is a captivating series that has conquered the hearts of fans around the world from season to season. We look forward to unraveling the many layers of this vibrant world and showing our audience the beginnings of it all.”

A start date for “Outlander: Blood of My Blood” has not yet been set. Currently, it has not even been announced when “Outlander” Season 7 will launch on Starz TV. In this country, the spin-off will be seen on the Amazon channel Starzplay.

Outlander Season 7: Release date

Outlander Season 7
Outlander © Starz

Filming for the 7th season of “Outlander” is already underway. This is basically a good sign and under normal circumstances would suggest that the new episodes may be released as early as fall 2022.

Now, however, season 7 includes 16 episodes, which of course makes filming much longer. Thus, a start in the spring of 2023 is more likely, so just under a year after the start of the 6th season. An official date will probably be in the second half of 2022 at the earliest.

You will also have to wait a while for a trailer, it will probably only appear a few weeks before the release of the new episodes.

Outlander Season 7: Storyline

Outlander Season 7
Outlander © Starz

Since season 6 of “Outlander” was shorter due to the Corona pandemic and only included 8 episodes, season 7 still has to deal with certain sections from the 6th “Outlander” novel “A Breath of Snow and Ashes”. After the season 6 finale, Claire is in prison and is believed to be a murderer. Can she prove her innocence?

Large portions of Season 7 will, of course, be based on “Echo of Hope,” the seventh book by Diana Gabaldon. Showrunner Matthew B. Roberts reveals to U.S. magazine Entertainment Weekly, “We can’t wait to get back into the writers’ room.”

In “Echoes of Hope,” Claire and Jamie find themselves in the midst of the American Revolution, while Brianna and her family live in Lallybroch in the 1970s. But they are soon caught up in the past again. In the series, however, the Mackenzies have not traveled into the future, so there may be some deviations from the book in their storyline.

Lord John Grey and his stepson William are also involved in the revolution, but fight on the British side. With Ian, things get exciting in love matters.

Outlander Season 7: Cast and production

Caitriona Balfe (Claire), Sam Heughan (Jamie), Sophie Skelton (Brianna) and Richard Rankin (Roger) will all be part of season 7. Matthew B. Roberts, Ronald D. Moore, Maril Davis, Toni Graphia, Andy Harris and Jim Kohlberg will once again serve as executive producers.

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