Outlander Filming Locations: 8 That fans can visit

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It’s easy to get carried away while binging on “Outlander” – not only because of Sam Heughan, but also at the sight of Scottish nature. We have put together some of the most beautiful filming locations for you here.

In Scotland, not only nature fans but also “Outlander” fans get their money’s worth: Throughout the country, you can explore spots where Jamie, Claire and Co. have also romped in the series. A selection of highlights for your next vacation.

Inverness and the Fraser Monument

Real and fictional monument - The tomb of the Fraser clan

The Battle of Culloden went down in Scottish history as one of the most brutal events in 1746, when the British killed around 1000 Scots in less than an hour. But this place is not only significant for the locals, the battle also plays a role in “Outlander”. In the third season, it was revealed how Jamie (Sam Heughan) survived the whole thing. The real-life gravestone of the Fraser clan, which is really on the battlefield, is also the monument of the fictional story, so to speak, and attracts numerous fans. While local tourism benefits from this, it also urged caution: due to the many visits, some wear and tear and littering of the memorial had occurred. Respect for real history must therefore not fall by the wayside despite all the fan euphoria. Culloden is part of Inverness and can be easily reached by bus from there.

Even in the city center of Inverness, you might feel like you’ve been transported to your favorite series. And if you’re looking for Nessie at Loch Ness and get lost in the tourist store called the Loch Ness Gift Shop, you’ll find not only green monsters but also lots of “Outlander” merchandising – including a tartan kilt designed just for the series.

Outlander Stes: The Scottish Versailles

This Scottish palace park became Versailles in the series

Britain’s first open-air museum stands in Newtonmore in the Cairngorms, a national park south of Inverness. In the first season, the grass-covered cottages served as a historical backdrop for the scene in which Dougal collects the rent, among other things.

In the middle of Scotland, not-quite-Perthshire, is where Claire and Frank honeymooned for the second time in the first season and enjoyed the end of the war. Taking the train from Inverness is a particularly good way to see the area. In the woods around the Dunkeld House Hotel, Claire, Jamie and Ian set out to find Roger in season four – but funnily enough, it was supposed to be North Carolina, not Scotland. While you’re at it, a visit to the Drummond Castle Gardens near the small town of Crieff is also worthwhile. However, the castle park did not represent a Scottish one in the second season either: The “Outlander” characters were here officially in the French Versailles.

Whisky and Castles on Outlander tour

Outlander feeling in the Scottish moor.

Even further south, you can combine the obligatory detour to a whisky distillery with yet another setting. The Deanston Distillery is located on the edge of the Trossachs, another national park, and served as Jamie’s cousin’s wine warehouse in the second season. Well then, slàinte (cheers)!

No “Outlander” addict can get past Doune Castle, just a stone’s throw away. In the series, the castle is called Leoch Castle and serves both as the home of the MacKenzie clan in the 18th century and as a destination for Claire and Frank for a day trip in the 20th century. The footage of the castle surroundings was shot in Pollok Country Park near Glasgow. If you stop in Scotland’s largest city anyway, you’ll also recognize George Square as the place where Frank proposed to Claire in the first season, and Glasgow Cathedral as the French hospital where Claire worked for a time.

And that’s not all – if you’re a hardcore fan and want to dedicate an entire tour to “Outlander,” you can find an interactive map on the VisitScotland site with many other places that played a role in the series.

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