Only Murders season 3’s new trailer hints at new murder mysteries

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The unusual TV trio from Only Murders in the Building is back, and they have a brand-new crime to solve! Wednesday saw the debut of a brand-new season 3 trailer from Hulu, which includes new cast members Meryl Streep and Paul Rudd as well as stars Selena Gomez (Mabel Mora), Steve Martin (Charles-Haden Savage), and Martin Short (Oliver Putnam).

The story begins with Charles, Oliver, and Mabel as complete strangers who shared a passion for true crime. The group came together to figure out what really happened after a suspicious murder occurred in their apartment complex, solving the crime using a true crime podcast. Now it appears that the pals’ group keeps running into dangerous circumstances.

only murders
Credit: HULU

Only Murders in the Building Season 3 trailer teases investigation hanging by a thread

When they are tasked with uncovering the murder of Hollywood action star Ben Glenroy (Rudd) on the set of Oliver’s Broadway production, the trio is investigating their “toughest case yet” in season three. Streep portrays Loretta Durkin, a castmate who may be a suspect.

The first scene of the trailer shows lead actor Ben collapsing in the middle of a performance as Mabel narrates, “It’s opening night and a big star drops dead on stage…” Detective Williams (Da’Vine Joy Randolph) then enters the scene and claims that the murder was committed by “someone in this room.”

Oliver is understandably terrified that his program is “hanging on by a thread.” Mabel informs him that their best effort to crack this case and get the murderer is the only course of action. She asks Oliver and Charles, “Wanna make a podcast with me?” They all smile and hold hands.

They start by looking into Loretta as a potential suspect. In a flashback, she is seen pleading with Oliver not to give up on her after utterly failing her table read. Ben apparently didn’t think much of her, calling her a “stinkerooni” and urging Oliver to give her the “booty.” 

Only Murders in the Building star cast shares excitement for upcoming season

According to People, Ashley Park’s “TikTok-addicted starlet” Kimber is another subject the squad is looking at. Charles calls Oliver’s Broadway production a “death trap” while Mabel follows up on a lead and is shocked to run across Tobert (Jesse Williams) in person after seeing them sharing an intimate supper.

In the elevator, Uma (Jackie Hoffman), the character from the trailer, sneers, “At least you had the consideration to keep the body out of the building this time.”

Charles sneers back, “You always know just what to say.”

To mark the completion of the third season, Gomez posted a photo with Streep to her Instagram account in April.

only murders
Credit: HULU

“I don’t know whether I have the right words to express how gorgeous this season has been. It’s been deliriously funny, difficult, and for me, a dream come true,” she wrote at the time. “But I’ll end it with the woman I respect, love, and adore.”

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