‘Ms. Marvel’ Solved a Big ‘Doctor Strange 2’ Mystery

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Ms. Marvel has deciphered the secret surrounding Doctor Strange 2!

In the Multiverse of Madness, Doctor Strange faced his previous deeds and prospective errors in addition to coping with the multiverse.

One such deed was his direct contribution to Thanos’s destruction of half the universe’s life when he gave him the Time Stone. Of course, the “sole way” that the Avengers would ultimately be able to save the day was used as the justification.

The issue was that the day of the final victory arrived five years later, after many who were left behind had lost loved ones they believed they would never see again. It makes sense that some survivors would be resentful of how things turned out, and Strange discovers this for himself.

Early in the sequel, Strange runs across Nicodemus West, a former coworker, at Christine Palmer’s wedding. West queries Strange, “Did it have to happen that way?” because he wasn’t Snapped and lost everyone he loved.

But hold on. How did West learn about a Titan-related incident that Strange, we assume, hasn’t exactly been transparent about? Fortunately, Ms. Marvel might have the solution to this puzzle.

'Ms. Marvel' Solved a Big 'Doctor Strange 2' Mystery
Doctor Strange 2 © Disney+

You may assume that we’re referring to Scott Lang’s Big Me Little Me podcast interviews, which Kamala Khan mentions in the opening scene of the first episode. She obtained all of her knowledge regarding Captain Marvel’s actions during the Battle of Earth there.

Although Scott isn’t a core Avenger, he spent five years in the Quantum Realm and wasn’t on Titan, so he might not be completely knowledgeable.

Instead, a background Easter egg may hold the key to explaining how everyone seems to be familiar with every aspect of the fight against Thanos. The book I Was There…, which you can see below on the left, is advertised at AvengerCon when Kamala attends.

'Ms. Marvel' Solved a Big 'Doctor Strange 2' Mystery
Ms. Marvel © Disney+

We don’t learn anything more about it from the program, and you might completely miss it. Our knowledge about the book’s author, a SHIELD agent, and the conflict it describes between Earth’s heroes and the alien scourge that threatens our world comes from Marvel.com.

Given that the agent, while being “6,000 feet distant” at the time, claims to have first-hand knowledge of Tony Stark’s sacrifice, it looks to be largely about the Battle of Earth. We doubt the agent saw Strange give Tony the “one way” motion from that distance or understood its significance.

There’s a chance that this book may have included information on Strange’s choice, which occurred five years earlier on Titan. The book also has “a talk with Hawkeye,” who, of any Avenger, would have been displeased with Strange’s choice.

Hawkeye’s loss of his entire family for five years as a result of Strange’s call makes it simple to picture him bringing up Strange’s choice and the idea that it was ostensibly the only option. Since Hawkeye wouldn’t be discussing his vigilante activities as Ronin, he would need to have something else to talk about.

Avenger: Endgame
Avenger: Endgame © Disney+

It’s simple to picture someone finding this and it going viral, similar to how an interview quote may spread throughout the actual world. We may be speculating, but if you’re looking for an explanation of how everyone is so knowledgeable about the Avengers, this is as close as you’re going to get (probably).

The mystery surrounding Rogers: The Musical’s use of Captain America’s famous “I can do this all day” phrase from the Hawkeye series was similar. Marc Shaiman, the song’s composer and co-lyricist, responded to this I Was There… solution for Inverse at the time.

We simply assumed that anyone writing a book, musical, or magazine article would have done their due diligence, homework, and interviewed people who had been there, he said.

“It’s possible that Avengers members have genuinely given interviews on things we’ve never seen. That was done with a certain amount of latitude. Natasha may have stated, “Oh, you know this guy, he’s usually like, I could do this all day,” during a CNN interview. It might have surfaced in some way.”

Perhaps Strange’s “only way” choice might have been incorporated into Rogers: The Musical, which, from what we can see, continued on until the Battle of Earth. Before a triumphant conclusion set during the decisive battle, “The Only Way” may have been a dramatic number in the second act.

Shaiman was of the opinion that Rogers: The Musical would have included the events of Avengers: Endgame.

“It’s amazing, especially the extremely heartfelt conclusion and the charming idea that he opted to get older in order to have his epic love story. What a lovely musical it would be!” He made a guess.

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