Moonfall 2: What about a sequel to the disaster movie?

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In the sci-fi movie “Moonfall”, the moon comes dangerously close to the Earth and threatens to destroy it. Is the sequel “Moonfall 2” planned?

The new Roland Emmerich disaster movie “Moonfall” has been running since February 2022 and scores not only with a strong cast, but also with a lot of action. In the film, the moon deviates from its orbit and is on a crash course with Earth. Astronauts Jo Fowler (Halle Berry) and Brian Harper (Patrick Wilson), along with conspiracy theorist and amateur scientist K.C. Houseman (John Bradley-West), set out to save the world from destruction – and find not only the cause of the incident on the moon, but also the truth about the origin of mankind. Is the sequel “Moonfall 2” already in the planning stage?

In “Moonfall” things don’t look good for mankind and even in our best end-time movies we’ve seen better times.

Is Moonfall 2 possible?

Even though “Moonfall” was not well received by critics and fans, the film was actually planned as the start of a trilogy. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film only has a score of 30% and 70% among viewers. The plot is not that well thought out and gets more and more muddled as the film progresses, but in the end it is light popcorn cinema. Meanwhile, Roland Emmerich has strayed from his trilogy idea, but says of a potential sequel:

“I’m not very enthusiastic about sequels either. I tried to make it a trilogy this time, but I’m not sure I even want to anymore. I think if I do a sequel, I’ll make it a little bit more like the original “Star Wars” movie, the second movie will have a huge cliffhanger. Because that doesn’t go over well with people at all. Everything always has to go smoothly. Why not just leave them hanging and say, we left you hanging, look at the ending; in two years.”

Since the first part already has a cliffhanger, so now it comes down to the demand of the viewers*. Roland Emmerich is not a fan of sequels and is not known for multi-part films, but would be willing to take that step here. The film has eaten up about 140 million dollars in budget and only brought in about 60 million, so the chances of a second or even third part are rather poor.

The end of “Moonfall” explained

Warning: Spoilers for the movie “Moonfall”!

At the end of the movie Jo, Brian and K.C. penetrate into the interior of the moon and K.C.’s theory is confirmed that the moon is not a planet but an artificial megastructure. Here they are also told why: billions of years ago the ancestors of mankind lived in peace on a planet, but also in spaceships around the planet. Wars and conflicts did not exist until at some point the artificial intelligence they had created to help them turned against them. In the moon, a kind of ark, the DNA could be saved and set out to find a new home. The artificial intelligence, by now traveling as a nanoparticle swarm, found the megastructure at the beginning of the film and thus threw it out of orbit. K.C. sacrifices himself at the end of the film by detonating an EMP bomb, thus destroying the particle swarm; but his consciousness has already been absorbed into the moon and is thus now a part of the megastructure. The film ends with the phrase, “We should get started,” which could mean that now that the particle swarm is done, our ancestors can finally begin to rebuild their civilization or that something even bigger, more threatening than the particle swarm is coming their way.

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