Mindhunter: Season 3 of acclaimed Netflix series would have taken Holden and Bill to Hollywood

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Mindhunter” season 3 continues to be on hold and this knowledge hurts fans a lot. It hurts even more to learn the exciting plot that was planned for the third season of the Netflix series.

  • A third season of “Mindhunter” will probably never come.
  • However, one of the directors of the Netflix series now reveals what we could have expected in season 3.
  • The sudden interest in FBI profiling would have led Holden and Bill to Hollywood.

One disadvantage of Netflix‘s release model, where all episodes are released in one fell swoop, is that many series are quickly forgotten because you only spent one long lazy Sunday with them rather than several weeks. As soon as a new season is released, this game repeats itself, but only a few Netflix productions, such as “The Witcher” or “Stranger Things,” continue to engage fans long after their release.

“Mindhunter” was also among them. David Fincher’s true-crime series was exciting, excellently cast and visually comparable to Fincher’s feature films. A real streaming highlight that went down under the weight of its own ambitions after two seasons.

Season 3 of “Mindhunter” was planned, but Netflix was not willing to provide David Fincher with the funds he wanted for production. Fincher, who did not want to deliver a cut-rate version of his season 3 plan, then refused to shoot new episodes with less budget. A sequel has thus been on hold since 2019.

Now Andrew Dominik, who directed season 2 of “Mindhunter,” spoke in an interview with Collider about the planned plot of season 3, which we were denied.

What we wanted to do with Season 3 was have [Bill and Holden] go to Hollywood. One of them was going to meet with Jonathan Demme and the other was going to meet with Michael Mann. And everything was going to be about the fact that profiling had made it into the zeitgeist, the public consciousness. […] This was the season that everybody was really waiting for, where they got out of the basement and started.

Andrew Dominik on Season 3 of “Mindhunter”

After that brief summary, it’s all the more tragic that “Mindhunter” Season 3 will probably never come. Film fans certainly would have loved to see Jonathan Demme team up with Bill and Holden for “The Silence of the Lambs” and Michael Mann for “Blood Moon.”

In addition, of course, there remains the open plot line around the BTK killer, which was only hinted at in past seasons. Due to the poor financial situation Netflix is currently in, it is unlikely that the streaming service will offer David Fincher more money for the sequel, which we would all like to see.

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