Man reports life partner for stolen figure

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A man in Japan frantically dialed 911 when his beloved collectible figurine went missing. But police were able to quickly track down the thief. We summarize.

Charges filed against partner

Man reports life partner for stolen figure

When a police patrol found the hysterical 31-year-old man at home, the case was solved quite quickly. After all, while a character can’t run away alone, only his 41-year-old partner could be considered the culprit.

After she was confronted with the crime reproach, she also made a detailed confession. According to this, she would not have acted out of resentment or jealousy, as is often the case in otaku households in relation to figures, but because of financial difficulties. The couple would be unemployed, which is why she would have invested the proceeds of the figurine in their livelihood.

In fact, the loot was just a plain figurine of Sora from “Kingdom Hearts”. Its current value is around 4,000 yen (about 25 euros) and is unlikely to have eased the financial squeeze. In addition, it is questionable whether the two are still a couple at all, because after all, the man filed a complaint. The woman must now answer for her actions in criminal proceedings.

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