Love Is Blind Season 3: At Netflix there are weddings at first sight again

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The dating show “Love Is Blind” is once again pairing up singles on Netflix and letting them get married without ever having seen each other. That’s how many episodes of season 3 are already online.

  • The 3rd season of the coupling format can be seen on streaming service Netflix from October 19, 2022.
  • After the season launch, the remaining new episodes will appear in two further batches.

Seeing your partner for life for the first time on your wedding day is actually no longer a common practice – except on Netflix: In the dating show “Love Is Blind,” singles flirt again without being able to see each other.

The surprising thing is that a few marriages have actually resulted from the previous seasons. Whether some lonely hearts from the 3rd season of “Love Is Blind” are also ready to tie the knot for life on TV with a largely unknown person, you can see on Netflix from October 19, 2022 in three portions.

After the first four episodes on the premiere day, the next batch comes a week later on October 26, 2022. The two-part season finale can be seen on Netflix from November 2.

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Amara Elvita
Amara Elvita
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