Longing For You On Netflx: Who is Na In-woo’s Oh Jin-seong?

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Na In Woo’s first stills from the upcoming ENA drama “Longing for You” has been made available!

The investigator, Oh Jin Sung (Na In Woo) of the mystery crime series “Longing for You” on ENA and Netflix, seeks to exact revenge on his younger brother. On this project, director Han Chul Soo and writer Kwon Min Soo of “Graceful Family” will collaborate once more. The drama also marks the return of director Han Chul Soo and Kim Ji Eun after their collaboration on “Again My Life.”

This summer, we’ll present to you a gripping and all-encompassing mystery drama. We had to hold our breath during the reading because of how passionately the cast members were acting. We couldn’t believe it was their first script reading because the actors, including Na In Woo, Kim Ji Eun, and Kwon Yool, had such incredible chemistry. Please anticipate it, the production team shared.

Longing for you
Credit: ENA

Who is Oh Jin Sung in Longing for you series?

Oh Jin Sung,Na in Woo, a detective at the Woojin Police Station who is also a busybody doing things that he isn’t even requested to do, is portrayed by Na In Woo. Oh, Jin Sung joins Ko Young Joo (Kim Ji Eun) and Cha Young Woon (Kwon Yool) in an investigation after being reassigned to the Special Investigation Team for a case involving multiple murders.

In a recently released photo, Detective Oh Jin Sung’s demeanour is serious and is highlighted by his black leather jacket. At the scene of the incident, Jin Sung confronts the perpetrators and makes a hard-hand motion to try and hold them back.

In a different image, Jin Sung stands with his arms behind his back and smiles broadly. Oh Jin Sung is an instinctual, trustworthy, and outspoken country detective with a strong sense of justice, according to actor Na In Woo, who expressed his admiration for the role. Throughout the filming, I participated with delight, happiness, and thankfulness.

Who will be seen with Na In Woo in Longing for you series?

Strong supporting performers, including Bae Jong Ok, Lee Kyu Han, and Jung Sang Hoon complete the cast. Yoo Jeong Sook, the head of Jinjin Medical Hospital, is the mother of Young Woon, who is portrayed by Bae Jong Ok. Park Ki Young, a reporter for the prosecutor’s office and a close friend of Young Woon, is portrayed by Lee Kyu Han. Bae Min Gyu, a dentist and the son of a well-known National Assemblyman, is portrayed by Jung Sang Hoon.

Longing for you
Credit: ENA

The drama’s producers and writers, Han Chul Soo and Kwon Min Soo, previously collaborated on the 2019 mystery drama “Graceful Family.” Following “Battle for Happiness,” the series is scheduled to air every Wednesday and Thursday beginning on July 26.

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