Keep Breathing Ending, Explained: Did Liv Manage To Survive?

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The main character of the Netflix survival drama “Keep Breathing” is a woman. Attorney Liv, who resides in New York, has given her job her undivided attention. Her friend, who has never taken a vacation, is alarmed when she finds that Liv unexpectedly left without telling anyone. Things become even more challenging when Liv becomes lost in the middle of the forest with no way to get in touch with anyone who can help her.

The series focuses on Liv’s battle for survival. She gains a lot from her common sense and some of the information she learned while she was a Girl Scout. She sustains wounds that would ordinarily be fatal, but things go wrong for her. If you’ve been wondering what will happen to Liv and what it means for her future, we have all the information you need.

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Keep Breathing Recap

Keep Breathing
Keep Breathing © Netflix

Liv has to make her way to Inuvik because her flight is a day late. Since she needs to meet someone who won’t stay in one place for more than a day, she seizes the opportunity to fly with two strange men. She makes a terrible decision, and when the plane crashes, both men die, and she learns they weren’t who they said they were, she regrets it. Since Liv hasn’t given up her whereabouts, no one would be interested in seeking for them because they aren’t the kind of people who would be sought after.

When Liv is by herself in the middle of a jungle with no sign of civilization, she uses her cunning and quick thinking to survive. She has hallucinations, worries about being mauled by a bear, and recalls all the reasons she decided to travel and land in the forest. She considers her options and decides to head in the route she believes would lead to a settlement—or at the absolute least, one person who can help her. She repeatedly gets lost and loses her valuables, and things only seem to get worse from there.

Keep Breathing Ending: Does Liv Survive?

Keep Breathing Ending, Explained: Did Liv Manage To Survive?
Keep Breathing © Netflix

Liv is a diligent worker. Regardless of the circumstances, she never gives up. Through the course of the series, it becomes clear that she will do whatever it takes to find civilization and preserve herself. She seems to have a lot of good luck and fast thinking, and everything works out for her. In contrast to the two guys she was traveling with, she still has to battle for her life, but at least she is still here. No matter how bad things might seem, Liv always finds a way to make them better. She exhibits her inventiveness and explains to the audience why she is so successful in her line of work in New York by doing this.

But in the end, she has nothing left. Her backpack was left in the cave, so she is without any water or supplies she had brought from the accident site. She is traveling alone and just has her mother’s postcards in her luggage. She is famished, dehydrated, and has a fractured leg. She is unable to walk for very long and is unable to see any other people. Another problem is the river in her way. She is currently restricted to one place since she is unable to traverse it. She has a vision of her father, who demonstrates to her that she won’t necessarily end up like mom and offers some closure regarding her mother.

Eventually, Liv gets over her lingering fear and decides to make one last attempt to get noticed by someone. Holding the postcards close, she wades into the river and uses the log to assist keep her afloat. The river carries her far downstream, and she loses both the log and the postcards as a result. She recalls every joyful and sad moment, every choice she made, and the impact those choices had on her.

Just as it appears she would unavoidably drown in the river and no one will ever know what happened to her, two people discover her. When they pull her out of the water, she is not conscious. She already had several wounds, but while in the water, she picked up more. Additional worries include the possibility of hypothermia and the amount of water she consumed while bouncing around in the ocean. After a few tries, the men give up, but Liv keeps trying. She can still breathe despite being seriously hurt. Liv awakens just before the image fades to black, letting the viewer know that she has persevered despite all obstacles.

Keep Breathing Ending: Do Liv and Danny Get Together?

Keep Breathing Ending, Explained: Did Liv Manage To Survive?
Keep Breathing © Netflix

Liv went through a lot of terrible things, which made her withdraw from other people. Liv keeps her distance from others because she thinks that since her mother abandoned her, other people will follow suit. But when Danny comes into her life, everything changes for the better. She smiles, dances, and has a good time, but as soon as she senses that he is leaving her, she attempts to push him away. Just as things were starting to go well, she abruptly breaks up with him.

She uses memories of her time with Danny as a solace as she goes through the life-changing experiences she had while stranded in the jungle. She starts to regret having her guard up and blocking him from approaching her, even though they both clearly felt a great desire to one another. She had been worried that people might think she looked like her mother.

That either Danny would leave her or she would leave him, just like her mother did with her father. Similar to the last statement, she worries that she wouldn’t be a good mother and would lead her child down the same path as her own mother. But in the end, she realizes that despite her best efforts, she is essentially mimicking her mother.

Her life flashes before her eyes, and while she floats on the river, she therefore gets a glimpse of her future. She had been having hallucinations of Danny up until that point, but after speaking with him, she realized that if she had let him, he could have been a great help. He would have made a great father and would have taken the time to hear her problems.

This also gives her the comfort that none of her self-doubts were actually convincing. If she tried, she could be a good mother as well. And how does that look? She had spent so much time stuck in the past, but now that she can see the future, she realizes that it may be good—but only if she lets it be. She might be content to have a child with Danny and live with him.

It’s uncertain what exactly happened to Liv after she was saved, but it may be presumed that she went back to New York with a fresh perspective on things. In what seemed to be her last moments in the river, she went back to Danny and started living the life she had imagined. She was able to shed her mother’s hold on her life, and as a result, she blossomed into her own personality.

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