John Ridley UNVEILS ‘The Ministry of Compliance’

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Get ready for an out-of-this-world experience as acclaimed writer John Ridley brings his storytelling skills to The Ministry of Compliance, a riveting sci-fi thriller that will alter the alien invasion genre. Published by IDW, this upcoming comic book series will introduce a dystopian Earth that has been quietly invaded by an extraterrestrial force known as the Devolution. A conspiracy arises as mankind is on the verge of assimilation, prompting Avigail Senna, the imposing head of the dreaded Ministry of Compliance, to face the impending danger head-on. Readers will be transported to a world where survival is in balance through Ridley’s tremendous experience in both comics and film.

John Ridley UNVEILS 'The Ministry of Compliance'

John Ridley’s unique view of alien invasions

In The Ministry of Compliance, Ridley, an Eisner nominee for ‘The Other History of the DC Universe’ and an Oscar nominee for ’12 Years a Slave’, skillfully blends the sci-fi invasion genre with his storytelling skill. In a collaboration with the talented artist Stefano Raffaele, John Ridley presents a story that takes place 37 years after the Devolution secretly invaded Earth. Humanity has been painstakingly shaped by this alien entity in order to be assimilated into its dominion.

Enter The Ministry of Compliance, which is charged with ensuring that other ministries are true to the Devolution’s lofty goal. It is headed by the formidable Avigail Senna. But as the timer for Earth’s integration starts, unforeseen things happen, throwing Avigail into a maze of conspiracy. Ridley’s love of comic books is evident in how he brings to life this gripping story that explores the depths of the human psyche.

John Ridley UNVEILS 'The Ministry of Compliance'

A trio shaping humanity’s fate

Three engrossing characters, Avigail, Quinn, and Kingsley, make up the heart of the Ministry of Compliance. According to John Ridley, they are his favorite creations from over three decades of storytelling. As Avigail quietly leads the push to capture control of Earth, she, who is the unstoppable head of The Ministry of Compliance, finds herself dealing with both actual and figurative backstabbing. Quinn and Kingsley, two of her most dependable allies, split the burden of completing this enormous assignment. They struggle with their identities and the tremendous implications of their relationship as they work together to navigate a society that is on the verge of assimilation.

John Ridley expertly spins a tale that addresses both the fundamental elements of human nature and the intricate details of a high-stakes scheme. Ridley offers a moving look at our own existence through the prism of these alien circumstances.

IDW has kindly offered a tempting preview, giving fans a sneak peek into the exciting universe Ridley has created as they wait impatiently for the arrival of The Ministry of Compliance No. 1 on November 15. Together, colorist Brad Anderson and letterer Ariana Maher have created magnificent images for the series that bring this world to life. Additional variant covers by Ryan Sook and other brilliant artists will be released in due course. The intriguing main covers, illustrated by Raffaele and Anderson, heighten anticipation.

As John Ridley’s The Ministry of Compliance pioneers new territory in the alien invasion genre, be ready for a thrilling journey. This sci-fi thriller is guaranteed to captivate viewers and leave them wanting more because of its thought-provoking premise, masterful storytelling, and in-depth look at human nature. Don’t miss the opportunity to become immersed in this intriguing world where humanity’s future is at stake. The 15th of November cannot come soon enough!


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