Jodie Turner-Smith Joins The Cast Of Disney’s TRON 3

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The Tron universe is expanding once again with the addition of Jodie Turner-Smith to the ensemble of the highly anticipated Tron 3. Turner-Smith joins an already star-studded cast that includes Jared Leto, Greta Lee, and Evan Peters. The cyber adventure, directed by Joachim Ronning, the director of Maleficent: Mistress of Evil and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, is poised to push the frontiers of technology and storytelling. With filming set to begin in August in Vancouver, fans hoping to return to Tron’s captivating digital world are getting excited.

Jodie Turner-Smith Joins The Cast Of Disney's TRON 3

Jodie Turner-Smith – The new member of the Grid.

In an exciting development, Jodie Turner-Smith, known for her mesmerizing performances in Queen & Slim, has been cast in Tron 3. Turner-Smith’s arrival in the group promises a new layer of complexity and intrigue after her breakthrough portrayal in Queen & Slim. While details about her character are being kept under wraps, rumors about her potential role in this cutting-edge cyber adventure abound. The combination of Turner-Smith’s skill and the Tron franchise’s innovative storytelling sets the stage for an exciting performance that fans will not want to miss.

Jodie Turner-Smith Joins The Cast Of Disney's TRON 3

Ares Brings in a New Era

The third edition in the Tron series, named Tron 3: Ares, is set to push virtual reality to new heights. With a script written by Jesse Wigutow and Jack Thorne, the picture ventures into unexplored territory. Unlike previous installments, Tron 3: Ares investigates the origins of a sentient program that bridges the digital and human worlds. The film digs into the implications of this extraordinary encounter, led by the enigmatic Jared Leto, who epitomizes the incarnation of this strong program known as Ares. Greta Lee joins the cast as a video game programmer and tech CEO, and her involvement in this epic journey is crucial.

With the addition of Jodie Turner-Smith to the cast of Tron 3, excitement for the picture has skyrocketed. The universe of Tron is ready to fascinate audiences once more under the direction of Joachim Ronning and the creative vision of Jesse Wigutow and Jack Thorne. Viewers can expect an exciting exploration of technology, identity, and the consequences of blurring the barriers between worlds as the intelligent software Ares crosses over into the human realm. Prepare for a spectacular excursion into the Grid when Tron 3: Ares hits the big screen.

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