Superman: James Gunn raises concern over too many superheroes in the Superman Legacy

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James Gunn elaborates on the significance of more costumed individuals in Superman: Legacy in response to fan complaints that Clark Kent’s reboot contains too many superheroes. As additional DC superheroes are expected to appear in the next reboot, Superman: Legacy is shaping up to be one of the most distinctive Superman movies in a long time. Not one, but four more actors from the movie have lately been cast as individual Justice League members.

While many fans are thrilled to see additional superheroes participate in Superman: Legacy, there are some who worry that their participation may distract from the Man of Steel’s narrative. In typical Gunn manner, the director has spoken with a number of fans on social media who have questioned him on what it means for the Superman: Legacy cast to have these actors join the project.

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What role will the DC Studios actors Nathan Fillon and Isabela Merced will play in the upcoming Superman: Legacy 

Since he was referred to as Guy Gardner, Nathan Fillion, who has a lengthy association with DC productions and has played Hal Jordan in animation films, will play a different part in Green Lantern Superman: Legacy. Given that John Stewart and Hal Jordan will light the lamps to begin, It’s not apparent from the TV program if the DC Universe chooses Guy to be the first Green Lantern or follows the conventional timeline. 

The future of Fillion’s Guy has not yet been confirmed by DC Studios, although it would make sense if he did given how the DC universe will connect both his work and his realm.

Hawkgirl will be portrayed by Isabela Merced, and it’s possible Shayera Hol is the version of the winged heroine that appears in the upcoming DC film, despite the fact that there have been other iterations of the character. Mister Terrific is portrayed by Edi Gathegi. It’s noteworthy to note that Gunn teased this character on social media a few months ago, leading fans to believe he would appear in one of DC Studios’ early films. Given his ability to transform into each element, Anthony Carrigan has been cast as Metamorpho, who will be one of the physically distinctive heroes in Superman: Legacy.

Superman Legacy will always be about the man of steel 

According to Screen Rant, although it is fair that some fans are apprehensive about the sudden introduction of so many new heroes to the DC Universe, it is also obvious that Gunn is aware that Superman: Legacy is primarily about the Man of Steel. Although it doesn’t sound like the other heroes will merely make brief appearances, their presence is meant to further Clark Kent’s story rather than transform his DCU debut into a Justice League ensemble movie. Hopefully, things will become even more obvious as Superman: Legacy production gets underway early next year.

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The new Superman Legacy is in the process, and we can expect it anytime soon; till then, stay updated, DC fans!

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