Is the story of ‘Orphan’ True? Where Is the Real Natalia Barnett Now?

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The psychological horror movie “Orphan” will give you the goosebumps. In this movie, an adopted child’s bond with her new family is shown to be unpleasant. It is focused on what happens when Kate and John adopt Esther, a 9-year-old Estonian girl. She is not what they initially believed her to be, it turns out. And to make matters worse, welcoming her into the family ends up being a terrible catastrophe that irrevocably alters their lives. Given that six out of ten Americans have had firsthand contact with adoption (either directly or indirectly), you might be left wondering if a real family has ever experienced something similar. We are here to dispel your uncertainties!

Is Orphan Based on a True Story?

Is the story of 'Orphan' True? Where Is the Real Natalia Barnett Now?
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The movie “Orphan” is not based on a real event. According to the aforementioned data, many Americans are adopted, know someone who is adopted, or have given up a child for adoption. Aside from this, we will analyze two disturbing real-life stories that somewhat parallel the movie’s events. You might conclude from this that there is some truth to the movie’s plot. The movie’s plot, however, is entirely fictitious. The film’s basic plot was created by Alex Mace, and scriptwriter David Leslie Johnson expanded on it.

Johnson was inspired by the finale and “worked backward” from there because he enjoys the “evil child” style of horror movies. Nearly two years after the news of Barbora Skrlová broke, this 2009 movie was released. In the Czech Republic, six adults were accused of abusing young children violently in 2007. The 13-year-old “Adam” of the three children who were saved turned out to be a 34-year-old woman named Barbora Skrlová who was impersonating a young boy who had been lawfully adopted by the family. She was discovered to be one of the abusers of Ondrej and Jakub, her two younger “brothers.”

The boys spoke in court of being burned with cigarettes, hit with belts, and even attempted drowning by their abusers. Although she claimed that Skrlová and her sister Katerina had deceived her, the children’s mother, Klara Mauerova, testified in court that she had tortured the children. Natalia Barnett, who was adopted in 2010 by Kristine and Michael Barnett (who are currently divorcing), a couple from Lafayette, Indiana, is the other case. Together, they have three sons, one of whom is autistic. They were informed when they adopted Natalia that she is a six-year-old Ukrainian girl who suffers from a rare form of dwarfism.

She had been living in the United States for two years when her former adopted family decided to give her up for “undisclosed reasons,” it was also revealed to them. In less than a year, Kristine began to assert that Natalia had attempted to poison her, pushed her into an electric fence, and made threats to stab the family as they slept. Kristine said that Natalia’s physical characteristics made it obvious that she was considerably older than she claimed to be, and that the physicians had confirmed this for her. However, Natalia refuted Kristine’s allegations, making this a very contentious matter.

Natalia has also claimed that the family neglected and abandoned her when she was allegedly 8 years old. As a result, the state of Indiana ultimately charged Kristine and Michael. In 2013, the Barnett family relocated to Canada, leaving Natalia in a Lafayette apartment on her own. Kristine claims that Natalia, who was 22 years old, conned the family into caring for her. The age of Natalia is a hotly contested topic, particularly given the discrepancies in the assessments of medical and healthcare professionals. We can understand why someone could believe that this movie is based on actual events as a result.

Where Is the Real-Life Natalia Barnett Now?

In a 2019 interview with Dr. Phil, Natalia spoke candidly about her situation with the Barnetts. She refuted Kristine’s claims that Natalia posed a threat to the Barnett family. Natalia added that she never made a stabbing or other form of violence threat against them. Natalia claims that in 2013, when the Barnett family emigrated to Canada, she was eight years old. She described what it was like to live alone and how, for over a year, she only ate canned food.

Is the story of 'Orphan' True? Where Is the Real Natalia Barnett Now?
natalia barnett cynthia mans facebook

In case anyone inquired, Natalia said, Kristine had requested her to let people know that she was 22 years old. Antwon Mans and Cynthia Mans, who are now members of her family, joined her on the chat show. It’s unclear when the Manses began caring for her, but they put in a guardianship application for her in 2016. However, because her year of birth is legally regarded as 1989 rather than 2003, they were compelled to withdraw the petition.

Is the story of 'Orphan' True? Where Is the Real Natalia Barnett Now?
natalia barnett cynthia mans facebook

In 2021, Natalia will reside in Indiana with the Manses and their five children. A family acquaintance said that despite ongoing challenges, the Manses are trying their best for Natalia. Natalia has never posed a threat to the Manses’ family, according to statements made in public.

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