Is Nineteen to Twenty a reality series?

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Nineteen To twenty: Fans of K-Dating Shows will be excited to learn that Netflix KR will begin the year with a brand-new reality dating program in 2023! Personally, this program makes me think of the Korean dating programs Real High School Romance and Twinkle Love (a Chinese dating program). Nineteen to Twenty is one such popular series that is worth mentioning. It is very clear from the name alone that Gen Z will be shown in a fresh way on the program. For all the nineteen-year-olds out there, here is a sneak preview of what the reality drama has in store. 

Teenagers’ propensity for adulthood is normal and frequent, as was already said in the beginning. The myriad opportunities in the adult world excite them since they are on the verge of becoming adults. However, they are ignorant of the risks and difficulties that these youngsters would face in the adult world. Observing how they handle these situations is interesting. This web series, Nineteen to Twenty, was developed to learn how teens discover their roles in the adult world.

Nineteen To Twenty
Credit: Netflix

Is Nineteen to Twenty based on reality?

All of the contestants are initially nineteen years old and in the final week of December. According to the Korean Age system, they only have a little time left before becoming twenty. 

They are not permitted to date during this period, and they are held in a school that has not been named. These individuals are expected to act in a completely contrary manner from what has been instructed to them. They will attempt to date covertly even if it is prohibited during this stage. 

They all become twenty years old after the final week of December. Nineteen To Twenty is the name of the program since it depicts the change from 19 to 20. They are moved from the school to another residence dubbed “House 20” at this time in their lives as adolescents or young adults. They have all the freedom in this home that they missed as youths. They will need to proceed with caution at all times or they risk losing the opportunity to appear in the show. 

Nineteen To twenty
Credit: Netflix

The Nineteen To Twenty show will be filled with various popular celebrities

The “Singles Inferno” originator Kim Jae-won is the creator and producer of the television show. The new show, like “Singles Inferno,” will include a number of celebrities as emcees, including Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, actor Kim Ji-eun, AKMU’s Lee Su-hyun, and singer-songwriter Jeong Sewoon from Starship Entertainment.

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