Ironheart: Is Sacha Baron Cohen joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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Rumors are now surfacing for the upcoming Marvel series Ironheart” that former “Ali G” star Sacha Baron Cohen will be joining the cast. What’s the story and what role will he play? We have all the information that you need. Let’s check it out!

  • Latest rumors suggest that Sacha Baron Cohen will soon take an important role in a Marvel series.
  • For “Ironheart” Cohen is considered a hot candidate for the role of Mephisto.
  • What is the truth of the rumors and who is Mephisto?

New rumors surrounding “Ironheart” raise hopes for a fantastic villain. Marvel’s Phase 4 of the comic multiverse comes to an end with “She-Hulk” on Disney+ and soon “Black Panther 2” in theaters.

New stars are constantly being added, most recently Christian Bale celebrated his MCU premiere in “Thor: Love and Thunder“. Now there are the latest rumors about the next new entry into the MCU. Will former “Ali G” and “Borat” star Sacha Baron Cohen soon join the cast of Marvel’s upcoming series on Disney+ “Ironheart”?

In Devil’s Rumor Mill

According to US magazine Deadline, Cohen is in talks to play a villain for the series “Ironheart.” But not an “ordinary” villain, but one of the most powerful entities in the entire Marvel cosmos: the “devil” of the MCU, Mephisto.

In addition, Cohen has already been spotted at the British Pinewood Studios, where “Captain America: The First Avenger” was last filmed. Although an appearance of Mephisto was already suspected for “WandaVision,” we never got to see the string-puller in the background. If Cohen’s role is confirmed, we can expect him to appear in other Marvel films and series, as is the case with many antagonists in the MCU.

Cohen as the MCU’s super-devil?

Mephisto is the ruler of a dimension known to us as Hell. The magical and occult last appeared in the MCU with “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.” Now these supernatural elements are apparently becoming an increasingly central theme of Phase 5. Mephisto is incredibly powerful, but acts more from the background through servants and manipulation.

Mephisto also collects the souls of powerful heroes and changes their fate or entered into sinister pacts with them in comic book history. Even Spider-Man made a terrible deal with the primeval demon to save his Aunt May!

So does Cohen fit in with such a terrible villain who is so devious and scheming? It would definitely be an interesting casting decision. Cohen’s acting skills, as well as his comedic skills, could add an interesting touch to Mephisto, though.

Mephisto in “Ironheart” – When?

So far, the rumor has not been confirmed by official Marvel side. Some Twitter accounts with comic and Marvel focus jumped on it. They spread the theory that it can only be the role of Mephisto that Cohen has to play in the series “Ironheart”.

Filming on the Disney Plus-exclusive series has already begun, so we should be able to see “Ironheart” perhaps as early as the fall of 2023. Chinaka Hodge serves as showrunner, while Dominique Thorne will play the brilliant young scientist Riri Williams.

She is said to have designed a suit of armor so powerful that she could inherit Iron Man himself. Another Origin story, then, joined in supporting roles by Anthony Ramos, Manny Montana, Shakira Barrera, Alden Ehrenreich, Regan Aliyah, Shea Couleé, and Zoe Terakes.

Whether Sacha Baron Cohen will soon be officially included in this listing is hard to say. However, every die-hard Marvel fan knows that such rumors have been right more often than not. It would be an exciting role assignment and embodiment of a Marvel villain.

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