In the Dark Season 5, It’s Official: There won’t be another season

Goodbye In The Dark: Season 5 Officially Cancelled

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In the Dark is a crime drama series that follows Murphy, a blind woman who gets involved in solving her friend’s murder and other criminal activities. The series has been airing on The CW since 2019 and has gained a loyal fan base. However, the show’s fourth season, which premiered on June 6, 2022, will also be its last. Here is everything we know so far about In the Dark Season 5.

Will there be a In the Dark Season 5?

Will There Be A In The Dark Season 5?
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Unfortunately, no. In May 2022, it was announced that In the Dark Season 4 would be the series’ final season. In the Dark was canceled by The CW due to the network being purchased by Nexstar. In 2022, The CW underwent a lot of changes, including former majority owners Warner Bros. and CBS Paramount selling the network to help make a profit for the first time in its history.

How Many Seasons Does In the Dark Have?

In total, In the Dark has four seasons, with 52 episodes. The first season aired from April to June 2019, with 13 episodes. The second season aired from April to July 2020, with 13 episodes. The third season aired from June to August 2021, with 13 episodes. The fourth and final season aired from June to September 2022, with 13 episodes.

In the Dark Season 4 Ending Explained: Does Murphy really kill Josh?

The last season of In the Dark followed Murphy as she tried to clear her name after being framed for murder by her former lover Josh (Theodore Bhat), a corrupt cop obsessed with bringing her down. She reunited with her true love Max (Casey Deidrick), who helped expose Josh’s crimes and escape prison.

However, their happiness was short-lived, as Max was fatally shot by one of Josh’s associates during a botched fundraiser heist. Murphy was devastated and vowed to avenge his death by killing Josh. She tracked him down to his cabin in the woods and confronted him with a gun.

Josh tried to justify his actions by saying that he loved Murphy and wanted to protect her from herself. He also claimed that he had nothing to do with Max’s death and that it was an accident. Murphy didn’t believe him and shot him in the chest, killing him instantly.

Murphy then called her best friend Jess (Brooke Markham) and told her what she had done. Jess was shocked and worried about Murphy’s fate. She urged her to turn herself in and face the consequences. Murphy agreed, but she heard sirens outside before she could do so.

She realized that Josh had called for backup before she arrived and that the police were on their way. She made a run for it and grabbed Josh’s car keys. She got into his car and drove away, hoping to find a way out.

However, as she sped through the forest, she hit a deer and lost control of the car. The car crashed into a tree and burst into flames. Murphy was trapped inside and unable to escape. She screamed for help, but no one came.

The final scene showed Murphy’s lifeless body in the burning car, implying she died in the crash. The screen faded to black and the credits rolled.

The ending of In the Dark season 4 was tragic and ironic for Murphy. She finally got her revenge on Josh, but at the cost of her own life. She also died similarly to her friend Tyson (Thamela Mpumlwana), whose murder sparked her journey in the first season.

Some fans praised the ending as bold and realistic, while others criticized it as depressing and unfair. Some also wondered if Murphy could survive the crash and return for a potential spin-off or revival.

Regardless of how one feels about the ending of In the Dark season 4, it was undoubtedly a memorable one that will stay with viewers for a long time.

In the Dark Season 5 Plot: What’s next?

In The Dark Season 5 Plot
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Since there will be no In the Dark Season 5, we can only speculate about what could have happened next. One possibility is that Murphy would have escaped from Trey and reunited with Max, who would have decided to stay with her. Another possibility is that Murphy would have been killed by Trey or another enemy, leaving Max heartbroken and seeking justice. Alternatively, Murphy could have faked her death and hid with Max or someone else. Whatever the case, we can assume that Murphy would have continued to face challenges and dangers due to her involvement in the crime.

In the Dark Season 5 Cast: Who’s in it?

In The Dark Season 5 Cast
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If In the Dark Season 5 had happened, we would have expected most of the main cast to return, unless their characters were killed off or written out in Season 4. The main cast includes:

  • Perry Mattfeld as Murphy Mason
  • Casey Deidrick as Max Parish
  • Morgan Krantz as Felix Bell
  • Keston John as Darnell James
  • Theodore Bhat as Josh Wallace
  • Matt Murray as Officer Gene Clemens
  • Marianne Rendón as Leslie Bell

Some of the recurring cast members who could have also returned are:

  • Dewshane Williams as Trey
  • Cortni Vaughn Joyner as Sam
  • Lindsey Broad as Chelsea
  • Calle Walton as Chloe Riley
  • Kathleen York as Joy Mason
  • Ana Ayora as Sarah Barnes

In the Dark Season 5 Release Date: Speculation!

As mentioned earlier, there will be no In the Dark Season 5. The fourth and final season of the series concluded on September 5, 2022. But it will be available next year if it’s renewed this year. The show’s fans can watch or rewatch all four seasons of In the Dark on Netflix, where they are available to stream. In The Dark will remain on Netflix for five years after its release date, which means it will expire on December 10th, 2027.

In the Dark Season 5 Trailer: Is there a teaser?

Since there will be no In the Dark Season 5, there is no trailer or teaser. However, fans can watch the trailer for In the Dark Season 4 below or on YouTube. The trailer gives a glimpse of what to expect from the final season of the series, such as Murphy’s relationship with Max, her conflict with Trey and Nia’s gang, and her friendship with Jess and Felix.

Is The Series In the Dark Worth Watching?

If you are looking for a crime drama with a twist, you might want to check out In the Dark, a series that follows a blind woman who tries to solve her friend’s murder. The series, which premiered on The CW in 2019, has four seasons and is available on Netflix. But is it worth watching? Here are some reasons why you might enjoy In the Dark.

  • The protagonist, Murphy Mason, is not your typical heroine. She is irreverent, sarcastic, flawed, and often makes bad decisions. She also struggles with alcoholism and her blindness, which adds more layers to her character. Perry Mattfeld, who plays Murphy, delivers a convincing and nuanced performance that makes you root for her despite her faults.
  • The series balances humor and drama well. While the main plot revolves around a murder mystery, the show also explores the personal lives of Murphy and her friends, who work at a guide dog school run by her parents. The show has plenty of witty dialogue, funny situations, and quirky characters that lighten up the mood and provide comic relief.
  • The series tackles important social issues like disability, racism, drug addiction, and domestic violence. The show does not shy away from showing the challenges and prejudices that Murphy and other characters face because of their identities. The show also portrays diverse and complex relationships, such as Murphy’s romance with Max, a drug dealer who works for the same boss as her friend’s killer.
  • The series keeps you hooked with its twists and turns. Each season introduces a new mystery or conflict that Murphy and her friends have to deal with, while also uncovering more secrets and clues about the previous ones. The show has many surprises, cliffhangers, and revelations that keep you guessing and wanting more.

Similar Shows Like In the Dark

If you liked In the Dark, you might also like these shows that have similar themes or elements:

  • Dead to Me: A dark comedy about two women who bond over their grief and secrets and get involved in a series of crimes and cover-ups.
  • You: A psychological thriller about a charming bookstore manager who becomes obsessed with a woman he meets online and stalks her every move.
  • Big Sky: A crime drama about two private detectives who team up with an ex-cop to find two sisters kidnapped by a truck driver in Montana.
  • Imposters: A comedy-drama about a con artist who marries different people and then disappears with their money until three of her victims join forces to track her down.
  • Manifest: A mystery drama about a group of passengers who return from a flight that disappeared five years ago and discover that they have supernatural abilities.

In the Dark Series Ratings and Reception

In The Dark Series Reception
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In the Dark has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. On Rotten Tomatoes, the series has an average rating of 6.4/10 based on 18 reviews from critics and an audience score of 83% based on 1,050 ratings from viewers. On IMDb, the series has an average rating of 7.5/10 based on 14,000 votes from users.

Some of the positive aspects of the series that critics and viewers have praised are:

  • The originality and diversity of the premise and the characters
  • The performance of Perry Mattfeld as Murphy
  • The balance of humor and drama
  • The suspenseful and unpredictable plot

Some of the negative aspects of the series that critics and viewers have criticized are:

  • The unrealistic and inconsistent portrayal of blindness
  • The lack of depth and development of some secondary characters
  • The repetitive and formulaic structure of some episodes
  • The poor quality of some writing and directing

The series has also been nominated for several awards, such as:

  • Best Actress in a Drama Series (Perry Mattfeld) at the Saturn Awards in 2020
  • Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series (Perry Mattfeld) at the Gracie Awards in 2020
  • Outstanding Comedy Series at the GLAAD Media Awards in 2020

The CW renewed the series for the fourth season in February 2021, but it was announced in May 2022 that it would be it’s last. The fourth season premiered on June 6, 2022, and concluded on September 5, 2022. The fourth season is available on Netflix from September 13, 2022.

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