I Came By Ending, Explained: Who is the Man in Hector Blake’s Basement?

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The first scene of “I Came By” on Netflix features a young rebel without a cause breaking into a wealthy man’s home. He enters the house intending to do something else, but by the time he departs, he is horrified to the point of insanity. As the plot develops, we learn about the shortcomings in the legal system as well as a run of bad luck for common people while the criminal is allowed to roam free among them.

The plot takes many unexpected turns, leaving the spectator wondering what will happen next. Every character’s life appears to be in danger as the stress increases steadily. You never know when the odds will be turned against someone. The conclusion provides a sense of closure for the viewer, yet certain questions remain. Here, we analyze the conclusion and examine what it means for the main characters.

I Came By Plot Synopsis

I Came By Ending, Explained: Who is the Man in Hector Blake’s Basement?
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Young graffiti artists Toby and Jay break into the homes of the wealthy and spray paint their walls. It is how they challenge the system and draw attention to global injustice. Hector Blake, an ex-judge who is referred regarded as a “saint” in society, becomes their next victim. Toby wants to spray-paint his house next since he is aware that there is something strange about this guy. When Jay learns that his girlfriend is pregnant, he decides to quit the job.

Toby enters Hector’s home on his own and discovers a horrifying secret that is kept in the basement. Toby wants to tell Jay what happened after being horrified by what he witnessed, but Jay is unwilling to discuss it. Hector is the subject of a police report, but the officers find nothing. Jay starts to wonder if something is wrong when Toby vanishes. He continues to keep his distance while Toby’s mother Liz begins to investigate Hector, particularly after he uses his connections to evade a police probe. However, when Liz disappears as well, the situation worsens.

I Came By Ending: Who Was the Man in Hector Blake’s Basement?

Toby didn’t intend to snoop around when he broke into Hector’s home. He would have simply spray-painted Hector’s house with graffiti and silently left if it weren’t for the ruckus coming from the basement. When he found a man imprisoned in his secret panic room after discovering it, things began to fall apart. In the end, it is this man who survives—not Toby or anyone else who comes into contact with Hector. When Hector had already disposed of Toby, Omid, and Liz, who is this individual, and why went to the expense of adding him to his estate?

Hector tells Omid about his father and the Parsi youngster named Ravi, whom his father not only took care of but also put into his bed the night before Hector nearly killed Omid. Hector, who had always felt pressure from his father to perform better, took this as a huge blow. When his mother committed suicide as a result of her husband’s affair, seeing his authority figure in bed with a “peasant” not only made him lose respect for the elderly man but also gave him a great deal of anguish. Hector’s father kept having an affair, which made problems worse, and Hector was sent to boarding school.

Hector blamed Ravi for all of these occurrences. He nearly killed him once because he was so furious with him. The word “nearly” is sufficient to reveal the name of the man in Hector’s cellar, even though Hector is unable to complete this story due to an escaping Omid. Ravi himself is there.

It is obvious that Hector hated Ravi a lot, and this hatred was mostly motivated by the two men’s comparable ages. He describes Ravi as “a lovely young guy,” but he also claims to despise that “child.” Ravi’s age would be roughly the same as Hector’s, or in his early 20s, assuming Hector was still in his late teens when his mother passed away and he was sent to boarding school. Hector’s father’s death was not discussed in the movie, but there is little question that he was involved in some way. In fact, it’s possible that he killed his father the same summer that he attacked Ravi “like a terrible beast,” nearly shattering his face.

Hector assumed he had also killed Ravi, but he managed to survive. Rather of genuinely killing Ravi this time, Hector chose to make his life miserable as retaliation for what he thought Ravi had done to him. As a result, he kept him imprisoned in his basement, just long enough for him to endure his suffering but never long enough for him to mount a defense or attempt to flee. Ravi was punished by being locked away in a room for all these years.

How is Hector Blake Caught?

Numerous times, Hector Blake comes dangerously close to being caught, but thanks to his fast thinking, he is always able to avoid any threats that come his way. He is also very careful about the security of his home and highly astute about capturing those who would hurt him. He kills Toby and Liz the same way. He is also perceptive enough to see when his situation is becoming more risky, which is why, after getting rid of Liz, he sells his home and relocates to his isolated estate. He is aware that even if the police have strong suspicions about him, they are powerless to do action without solid proof.

Hector is prepared to live carefree, but he is unaware that Jay has similar suspicions about him. Jay initially tries to disassociate himself from Toby’s abduction, but when Liz also goes missing and the police fail to act, he realizes he must take action. He learns that Hector will be present at her university’s alumni gathering with Naz’s assistance. Hector’s estate is the next stop for him after this. He wants to force Hector into confessing so he may be held accountable for what he did to Toby and Liz.

Given that Hector is elderly and Jay is young, Jay reasoned that it would be simpler to manage him. But it turns out that he had overestimated the murderer. Jay almost loses his life, but fortunately, he manages to take down Hector. He questions Hector about what he had done to his pals and learns that they had been killed and their remains had been scattered. He learns the reason behind Hector’s murder of them as well. Hector had to kill the man in the basement since Toby had learned about him; Liz then did the same.

Jay decides to save Ravi even though he was unable to save his friends. He ties up Hector, spray-paints their trademark “I Came By” on his wall, and phones the police, who will be given the murderer on a plate. In the garage, he frees Ravi from a different panic room and informs him that he has been saved. We can see the police light flashing in the distance as Jay flees. In the end, they managed to trap Hector and had concrete evidence of what he did to Ravi and at least three other people. Jay returns home while grieving over the loss of his buddies and vowing to exact revenge.

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