Heels Season 3: Is the drama series going into a third round?

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Two dissimilar brothers want to be successful in the wrestling business. Will they step into the ring again in Heels season 3?

Jack (Stephen Amell) and Ace Spade (Alexander Ludwig) have a big dream: they want to become successful protagonists in the sport of wrestling and continue their late father’s promotional company with the small-town Duffy Wrestling League. While Ace plays the good guy in the ring, Jack embodies the “heel” – the antagonist. But the roles they are assigned increasingly affect the private lives of the two, who have different plans for their future. What does this mean for the traditional family business? Will the unlikely pair of brothers find common ground in a third season of “Heels“?

Is Heels season 3 still coming?

Attention, spoiler warning for the season finale of “Heels” season 2

Anyone who has been following the professional and private rivalry between Ace and Jack will now be sad – because according to the TV series finale, a third season of “Heels” is no longer coming. The US pay-TV channel Starz has not given season 3 of the drama series the green light. Showrunner Mike O’Malley told Entertainment Weekly that he is looking for a new home for his format and that the cast is still under contract, but so far there is no word that another broadcaster will take on the wrestling series. Nevertheless, the filmmaker commented on how he would continue the story in a third season.

The season two finale ends with Jack suffering a serious injury in the ring – and losing the use of his legs. O’Malley, who plays wrestling promoter Charlie Gully in the series, had planned for the third season of “Heels” to have Jack deal with the consequences of his injury. And not only that. As Ace reflects in the final episode, he has focused too much on his success instead of becoming a better person. Fundamentally, O’Malley believes that audiences are interested in characters who struggle with their own humanity. The showrunner emphasizes that, regardless of a continuation of the series, he wants to write a story about people who have to get along and find each other.

Other sports series as an alternative to Heels season 3

Anyone eagerly awaiting a third season of “Heels” can bridge the gap until a possible sequel with other series that master the balancing act between sport and drama just as skillfully:

  • Friday Night Lights: for the small town of Dillon, it’s a little highlight of the weekend every Friday when its own football team kicks off. However, new coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler) has not only inherited the pressure to succeed from his predecessor, but also has to compensate for the loss of his star quarterback.
  • Ballers: Ex-professional football player Spencer Strasmore (Dwayne Johnson) had to involuntarily end his career, but has found a new job promoting young talent – which allows him to lead an excessive lifestyle. But when he falls in with the wrong people, he becomes embroiled in shady dealings.
  • Swagger: Jace Carson (Isaiah Hill) is considered one of the best basketball players in the region. While his mother Jenna (Shinelle Azoroh) supports him, he works on his career with his coach Ike (O’Shea Jackson Jr.). But when the young player is increasingly confronted with racism, he wants to set an example – and not just in sport.

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