‘Haunted Mansion’ premiered without CAST

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Disney’s Haunted Mansion is all set to release on 28 July and already the movie is in talks about the cast. The movie based on Disney’s classic ride theme park is all set to haunt you in all possible ways. The movie is creating a buzz as being the first movie that had the red carpet without its cast. Due to writer’s and actor’s strikes, no promotional or screen appearance will be seen.

'Haunted Mansion' premiered without CAST

Haunted Mansion Premiered in Disneyland

With its perfect blend of comedy and supernatural encounters, the movie promises to bring to life the iconic and chilling attraction that has captured the imaginations of millions over the years. The teaser of the super-haunted movie is just a teaser of the exciting world of ghosts, ghouls and wraiths that awaits us. So, prepare your popcorn and get ready for an unforgettable spooky experience!

This is first time in years that any movie premiered without its star cast and director Justin Simien addressed with utmost pleasure “Obviously, we’re here at a weird time in the industry. There are some folks that aren’t here,” he said to Deadline.

He even acknowledged his writer Katie Dippold by adding that she is a nerd for these and worked out as many other nerds like her will love it.

'Haunted Mansion' premiered without CAST

The director said that after reading the first draft he said- it was “a brilliant and fresh, and funny, and heartfelt, and important and meaningful take on this ride. It was really important to me to protect her vision and to realize it the best I could.”- Deadline

He mentioned all those members and crew that made this movie possible.

TrailerHaunted Mansion

The trailer opens up at a big mansion where a mother and her son come after some years and the whole house has ghosts at every corner. A ghostbuster is being called to get to the crux of the ghost sighting in their house. A horror comedy is set to give you chills and a dose of laughter at the same time. Get ready for a ghostly ride in the Haunted Mansion!!

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