Firefly Lane Season 2: What Katherine Heigl and Co. say about season 2

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Is “Firefly Lane” getting a second season? We will tell you what Katherine Heigl and the other stars of the Netflix series want for the future of Firefly Lane season 2.

  • Will “Firefly Lane” be extended for a second season? The series stars around Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke firmly assume that!
  • They also comment on open questions from season 1, such as the argument between the two girlfriends or Johnny’s unexplained fate.
  • The actresses of the young Kate and Tully also wish for a sequel.

The Netflix series “Firefly Lane” with the superstars Katherine Heigl (formerly ” Grey’s Anatomy “) and Sarah Chalke (formerly ” Scrubs “) managed to top the Netflix Top 10 a few days after its release. Clearly, subscribers to the streaming service love the story of Tully and Kate’s deep friendship spanning decades.

Of course, Netflix has not yet announced an extension for a second season at such an early stage. But the series stars and creators of “Firefly Lane” have already expressed some wishes and ideas for the future of the show and the potential 2nd edition to the US magazine Collider.

Kate actress Sarah Chalke mischievously explained to her US colleagues: “I like the words ‘Season 5’. These two things together sound really nice.” So Chalke seems to be firmly assuming an extension of her Netflix series – or at least to be very optimistic about it.

When will the big cliffhanger of “Firefly Lane” be resolved?

A number of viewers of “Firefly Lane” are concerned with the question of why Kate and Tully quarreled. That big cliffhanger from the season 1 finale isn’t being resolved, and neither is Tully cast member Katherine Heigl even sure if that’s going to happen in a “Firefly Lane season 2”!

Heigl told Collider, “I always assumed it would be revealed in Firefly Lane season 2. But maybe not. Maybe that’s something to really drag out.” That would certainly not please fans of the new Netflix series!

“Firefly Lane”: Is Johnny really dead?

Another big mystery that plagues “Firefly Lane” viewers is the unknown fate of Kate’s (ex)husband Johnny (Ben Lawson), who was most recently attacked in the Iraq war.

Of course, “Firefly Lane” series creator Maggie Friedman hasn’t yet resolved Johnny’s fate with Collider, but she does assure viewers that actor Ben Lawson will also be part of the series in a possible second season. Because even if the elder Johnny should have passed away, he will still play in the 80s flashbacks – also in “Firefly Lane season 2”!

This is what young Tully and Kate wish for Firefly Lane season 2

Firefly Lane Season 2
Firefly Lane © Netflix

In the earliest timeline of the 1970s, young actresses Roan Curtis and Ali Skovbye play Kate and Tully. And they too have some ideas and wishes for the 2nd edition of the series. Curtis revealed to Collider magazine that she’d like to see a proper ’70s-style house party in the upcoming episodes – partly because the party in Episode 2 of “Always There” had a “pretty somber vibe.” be.

Tully actress Ali Skovbye, meanwhile, wants a love story for ’70s Kate: “I just think it would be so cute and cool if Kate had an awkward meeting and then a 1st date with a boy and a 1st wife. relationship, and then Tully can help her through it,” says actress Skovbye.

What will Firefly Lane Season 2 be about?

Firefly Lane Season 2
Firefly Lane: Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke © Netflix

During the first season of “Firefly Lane” the death of a main character is repeatedly implied. At first, viewers might think that Kate and her daughter Marah (Yael Yurman) will attend Tully’s funeral.

Then, in the final episode of Season 1, it appears Johnny (Ben Lawson) died in Iraq working as a war correspondent. But “Firefly Lane” reveals at the end that Kate’s father Bud actually passed away. Also, something significant happened between Kate and Tully that casts a shadow over their friendship. However, the Netflix series has not yet revealed exactly what that is. However, the book template already gives an insight into what led to the big argument between Tully and Kate.

Judging from US writer Kristin Hannah’s Firefly Lane template novels, it was Kate and Tully’s professional collaboration that led to the problems. But the Netflix series could also deviate from the template novels “Firefly Lane” and “Like a Star in the Night” and develop a different drama that revolves around some of the series’ supporting characters.

Incidentally, in an interview with Oprah Magazine, actress Katherine Heigl ruled out that her character Tully slept with Johnny. Heigl stated, “I don’t think any friendship could survive something like this.”

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