Did Moana die in the storm?

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Disney princess devotees flocked to Moana as soon as the movie was released in 2016, and it quickly became a favourite. They enjoyed the tropical atmosphere of the movie and her fortitude in the face of adversity.

Moana and the enigmatic Maui became fast favourites among the fanbase. Moana, a strong-willed Polynesian village chief’s daughter who must go across the ocean to reunite a goddess named Te Fiti with an enigmatic relic, serves as the protagonist of the story. Did Moana perish in the storm was one of the long-standing questions surrounding the movie.

Movie theories are nothing new, and they frequently surface in the strangest of places; Disney’s movie is no exception, changing one of the popular musical movies into a sombre tale. So let’s explore some of these hypotheses and assess their viability in the real world.

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Did Moana pass away at the start?

Moana decides to take it upon herself to save her people and embarks on an exciting trip as a life-threatening darkness threatens her island. She then sails out to sea in quest of the mythical Maui, only to be immediately attacked by a terrible storm.

Moana is shipwrecked by a typhoon and ends up on a deserted island. And this is when things really started to get interesting for theorists, who began to make assumptions about the entire plot of the film. According to the belief, Moana perished at the start of the movie after being devoured by the storm.

She only speaks to gods, demigods, and other mythical beings after coming upon a shipwreck, indicating that she may have already departed away.

Did Moana die in the storm?

Another theory contends that Maui is her guardian angel and that Moana is in the shape of purgatory or a fantastical kingdom of the gods. One theory argues that Moana passed away at the start of the storm.

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The movie would be about Moan’s voyage to the afterlife if the aforementioned hypothesis were accurate. Moana finds herself stuck on an island with Maui after becoming shipwrecked. The Reddit users point out that only non-human characters such as gods, demigods, and other mythical figures are shown interacting with her, and this is where things become interesting. The fact that only her departed grandmother stands out could be an indication that she is no longer alive. In addition, the user hypothesizes that Moana was able to endure hardships that no human could have because she hardly ever got hurt herself and the only time she did was just before she appeared to pass away.

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