Delhi Crime Season 2 Ending, Explained: How Are the Killers Caught?

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The crime thriller “Delhi Crime” on Netflix chronicles the investigation into cases that are based on actual crimes that took place in Delhi. What happen in Delhi Crime season 2? Let’s find out!

The second season begins with a brand-new case that pits DCP Vartika Chaturvedi and her squad against a group of criminals who go on a murdering rampage, leaving the aftermath completely unfathomable. This season has several unexpected turns, with a particular emphasis on the cops’ moral code.

When people have to decide between what’s simple and what’s right, that is ultimately what will make a difference. In their efforts to track down the criminals and prosecute them, Vartika and her team learn about a group whose horrible actions can be boiled down to the malign aim of a single woman. How did she get caught, and why did she start off committing murders? Let’s investigate.

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Delhi Crime Season 2 Plot Synopsis

Delhi Crime Season 2 Ending, Explained: How Are the Killers Caught?
Delhi Crime Season 2 © Netflix

Vartika Chaturvedi and her team of police officers are introduced to us after the events of Season 1 and they are shown leading a relatively calm existence. When a quadruple murder occurs in a wealthy section of Delhi, they find themselves back in the midst of the upheaval. Despite the fact that it was a heist, the police are baffled as to how the dead bodies were left in such a mutilated form. The infamous Kachcha Baniyan gang, who have been missing for a very long time, may be responsible for the killings based on their method of execution.

The police officers once again find themselves in a very difficult situation as the city is thrown into a state of terror as a result of the revelation of the serial killer gang. Their supervisors are continuously breathing down their necks to solve the case by any means possible as the public, the media, and themselves pursue them. The cops’ personal life are also impacted by this, though. A veteran police officer with knowledge of tribal gangs is hired to assist them with the investigation. However, he ends up being more trouble than he’s worth.

Delhi Crime Season 2 Ending: How is Karishma Caught?

The police identify the first crime scene as being consistent with the known criminal organization that has been active in the county for years after giving it a close inspection when they arrive. All indications suggest that the serial killers and robbers are back. Vartika, though, has a gut feeling that the crimes aren’t quite right. Although it may appear that the offenders are youthful and careless, they often show to be in charge of the situation and hardly leave any evidence behind.

It becomes evident that this is the work of a copycat after a comprehensive inquiry into the tribal people in Delhi who are suspected of being a part of the gang. Someone is trying to slip away unnoticed while trying to divert the police by pointing them in the direction of the gang. The police have to wait for the crooks to make a mistake because they are so cautious, but fortunately, it ultimately does.

The jewelry that was stolen from the Aroras’ home, the first victims, turns up again in another part of Delhi. It is being sold by an elderly woman who claims it is a family heirloom in a jewelry store. She turns out to be the grandmother of a man by the name of Guddu, who has a close connection to the criminal organization doing the atrocities.

Officer Bhupendra Singh is injured in the chest as a result of Guddu firing his gun during a fight with the police after they pursue him to a garage. The police get a call from an elderly couple who fear they might be the homicidal gang’s next victims while the man is being brought to the hospital.

Guddu says that he had been working with three other persons, namely Babloo, Thermal, and Karishma, while Singh is receiving medical attention for his wound in the hospital. It turns out that Karishma, who had previously worked as a beautician, was the link between all the victims who had gone to the salon she had previously worked at. She was aware of who was wealthy, lived alone, and was exposed enough to be robbed without taking too much danger. She was the one who compiled a list of probable victims, who the gang then successively targeted using the Kachcha Baniyan gang’s tactics to elude law enforcement.

They wouldn’t be suspect since the police would be too busy looking into the tribal people, and they would be free to act however they pleased. Additionally, it is revealed that Thermal is Babloo’s nephew and that Karishma and Babloo are dating. Guddu is the sole outsider in the group as a result. The men decide to put an end to their killing spree after the third murder, share the money, and resume their normal lives. But Karishma has other ideas.

When the guys learn that all of the money has disappeared, a dispute breaks out between Karishma, Babloo, and Thermal while Guddu is being held by the police. They are furious when Karishma says she used money as a down payment for her beauty salon. She is attacked by Babloo and Thermal, who demand to know who she paid the money to. Karishma, however, ultimately outperforms them in terms of both brains and muscle. She has slain both of the men by the time the police catch up with them, and she has fled to safety.

After exhausting every possibility, Vartika comes to the conclusion that there is no way to find Karishma at this time. When she has all but given up, a new detail involving the call records is revealed. There are several phone calls to a restaurant that were made in the morning. Given that no restaurant opens this early in the morning, this seems strange.

When the property’s owner is questioned, he admits that Karishma approached him and asked him to find a location for her group to stay for a few days. She paid him up front, and she appeared to come from a wealthy family, so he placed her without ever asking about her qualifications. The police set up a trap to capture Karishma once they have her address in their possession. After a brief chase, she is eventually apprehended.

Why Did Karishma Commit the Murders?

Karishma Solanki responds when questioned about the deaths, “I just wanted to live like privileged people do.” Karishma simply assembled the gang and did the atrocities that cause one’s soul to tremble because she desired a better life. She had a child and had been married, but she abandoned them because she felt trapped.

Although she worked at beauty salons, she yearned for her own own. She needed cash for that. Mrs. Arora once promised Karishma that she would assist her with the money, but she later backtracked. Karishma became quite irate at this and also understood that if she wanted something, she would have to get it for herself, by any means necessary. She committed a string of killings that sent the entire city into a state of panic as a result of her rage and her desperate need for money.

Why is Vartika Transferred From Delhi?

The ongoing serial killings are stopped with Karishma’s capture. It is also extremely satisfying for the police department because they find the real offenders rather than merely blaming DNTs and putting the issue to rest. Vartika appeared to be on the verge of giving in to demands from her superiors to detain Azaad and Jugnu Pardi for the heinous acts at one point. Since the public is in a frenzy about the serial killings, everyone wants to quickly assign blame.

Due to their proximity to the crime scene, Azaad and Jugnu are well situated for the police to name them as the killers and forward the matter to the courts for a verdict. The issue is that, given that they were actively robbing someone else at the same time, there is solid proof that they did not commit the killings. The robbery was never reported, though. Additionally, Azaad and Jugnu come from tribes who have been de-notified and are already stereotyped as “born criminals.” If they were arrested, nobody would object.

Vartika chooses to do what is right rather than just follow instructions and leave the case. She acknowledges in the press conference that Azaad and Jugnu had nothing to do with the murders and that they won’t be detained despite the explicit directives from her superiors. She then devotes all of her time and energy to finding Karishma and her gang, a task at which she overcomes all odds.

She is promoted to DIG since such an action should undoubtedly result in positive feedback from her superiors. The higher ups, however, find it difficult to accept the fact that she defied them and called into question their superiority. So they send her to a faraway location as punishment. She will have to leave Delhi and her established life and work, and she probably won’t be able to see her family.

Bollywood films frequently employ the cliche of the relocation to “distant areas” as the punishment for police officers who must pay the price for their bravery. While it may appear that “Delhi Crime” has followed the same pattern, Vartika Chaturvedi’s transfer feels comparable to Chhaya Sharma, the IPS officer who inspired the creation of her character. She was sent to Mizoram four months after Chhaya had looked into the group rape. This was said to be related to negative media coverage of the Delhi police and claims that they weren’t working as hard as they could. Sharma was transferred because Sharma needed to be held responsible for it.

Later, the officials explained that Sharma’s transfer had really been completed a year before the gang rape crime. It took longer than expected due to a partial alteration, thus she was forced to remain in Delhi while cracking the case. No one was to blame for her decision to relocate to Mizoram. Vartika’s abrupt transfer, however, is directly related in the program to her defiance of her superiors because she is more concerned with doing the right thing than with putting innocent people in jail in order to save the faces of some politicians and the police force.

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