Burn The House Down Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot- All you need to know!

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Netflix is bringing many live-action series and movies based on Manga such as One Piece and Zom 100. Now another live-action series which is also based on a manga written by Moyashi Fujisawa is titled Burn The House Down but it has not had any anime adaptations till now. The manga has 8 volumes. Yuichiro Hirakawa is the director of Burn The House Down’s television adaptation.

Burn The House Down Season 1- Know About Cast, Plot and More

Burn The House Down Release Date: Mark your Calendars!

The release date of Burn The House Down will be released on July 13, 2023, on Netflix worldwide. The genre is suspense drama. The Japanese series will be released on Netflix worldwide. There is no confirmation that it will be released only in the Japanese language or also in other languages such as English dubbed.

Burn The House Down Season 1- Know About Cast, Plot and More

Burn the House Down Cast: Know your stars!

The cast of the upcoming series surrounds well-known figures in the Japanese entertainment industry and many have seen them in many Japanese drama and films such as Mei Nagano, Asuka Kudo, Taishi Nakagawa, Michiko Kichise, Kyoka Suzuki, Kie Kitano and Yuri Tsunemastsu in the major roles. Any guesses? If not, take a look yourself:

  • Mei Nagano as Anzu Murata
  • Asuka Kudo as Kichi Mitarai
  • Michiko Kichise as Satsuki Kichise
  • Kyoka Suzuki as Makiko Mitarai
  • Kie Kitano as Kurea
  • Yuri Tsunemastsu as Yuzu Murata
Burn The House Down Season 1- Know About Cast, Plot and More

Burn The House Down Plot: Vengeance shall be taken

The plot of the series focuses on Anzu Murata who was hired as a housekeeper in the Mitarai family. Actually, she also belonged to the Mitarai family but because of a fire in their house her parents got divorced and her father remarried again Mrs. Mitarai, her stepmother, greets her well and Anzu also has some purpose. 

There are many questions raised in your mind- Is Anzu’s mother accused of the fire? Is Anzu’s mother framed? Does Anzu want to find out the truth? Will Anzu succeed in her mission? For knowing these answers you have to watch Burn The House Down on Netflix on July 13, 2023.


Watch the official trailer of Burn The House Down below

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