Big Mouth Season 8: All info on the final season of the Netflix hit

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The Netflix hit “Big Mouth” will come to an end with its eighth season. We reveal all the information about the final season here.

The animated series “Big Mouth” has walked quite a tricky tightrope in its previous seasons: Humorous and raunchy, but also sensitive and empathetic, the Netflix series manages to enlighten us about the sufferings and joys of puberty. It not only picks up teenagers, but also offers people who have already gone through the painful teenage years the chance to work through the small and big problems of this time. On October 20, 2023, the seventh season of “Big Mouth” will start on Netflix. And after that, fans can look forward to an eighth season – even if it will unfortunately be the last.

Start of the final eighth season “Big Mouth” still unclear

Since the strike in Hollywood for the actors* could not be ended until now, the release date for the final eighth season of “Big Mouth” is still unclear. At least the writers can get back together to work out the new season, because the WGA (Writer’s Guild of America) has already reached an agreement with the studios. “Big Mouth” will be the longest-running adult series on Netflix with its eight seasons, catching up with “Grace and Frankie” and “Orange is the New Black” with their seven seasons. Exactly what will happen in the new season is also not yet known. But it is already clear that the spin-off series “Human Resources” will also end with its second season – and thus the entire hormone monster universe will come to an end.

More “Big Mouth”-“Human Resources” crossover moments

Best friends Nick Birch (Nick Kroll) and Andrew Glouberman (John Mulaney), as well as their classmates, are always getting into trouble from their hormone monsters. The spin-off series “Human Resources” shows that there is a larger system behind all the wild goings-on of the monsters, love bugs and the like, and its characters are now set to appear again and again in the final seasons of “Big Mouth”. So fans can look forward to more funny crossover moments that will certainly give the two series a worthy ending.

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