Atlanta season 3: US channel FX releases new bizarre trailer for dramedy series

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Atlanta” will be on US broadcaster FX and streamer Hulu from March 2022 with season 3. We tell you everything about the start, plot, cast and the latest strange trailer.

  • The drama series “Atlanta” can be seen from March with season 3 on US channel FX. The new episodes will be released on March 24, 2022.
  • The final and 4th season of the series was filmed directly after season 3.
  • A new bizarre trailer confirms the launch on FX and streamer Hulu.

The FX drama series “Atlanta” returns to US television and streaming on Hulu with season 3. Fans of the series had to wait a whole four years for the new season. The latest, extremely strange trailer makes them all the more curious about the upcoming episodes.

Atlanta Season 3: Release Date

The start date of the 3rd season is already known. This appears on March 24, 2022 on US channel FX.

Atlanta Season 3: Storyline

Season 2 ended with Earn and Al leaving for a tour of Europe with rapper Clark County (RJ Walker). In the finale, Earn tried to smuggle a gun in Clark County’s luggage, but instead Clark County’s manager had to pay for it. In season 3, we will see how Earn and Al fare on the tour.

Season 3 is also likely to see Zazie Beetz take on a bigger role as Van. Speaking to U.S. magazine The Hollywood Reporter, Stephen Glover, one of the show’s lead writers, explained that the series “will show a very specific perspective of the Atlanta woman that we will explore in season 3.”

In a 2018 panel, Glover compared Season 3 to Kanye West’s album “Graduation.” On “Graduation,” Kanye focused on making “stadium status” hits, increasing his mainstream appeal while maintaining his core qualities.

Atlanta Season 3: Trailer

The new trailer is also on par with the older teasers in terms of absurdity. This time you get to see a lot of new, previously unseen scenes that seem at least as absurd as the previously released footage.

There’s a short list of strange moments that raise some questions: a peacock in a club, Darius’ horrified reaction to some kind of ritual or Santa Claus creepily walking through the streets of Amsterdam. The crew eating dinner with napkins over their heads, Alfred sawing down a tree, a man in a cow costume raising a glass to the gang.

What does it all mean? Well, that will only become clear when the new episodes are released, but many scenes in the third season are already reminiscent of the episode “Teddy Perkins” from the second season.

Even before that, US broadcaster FX released a teaser in the style of an old commercial, which surely kept you guessing. The trailer is accompanied by a Dutch cover of OutKast’s “So Fresh and So Clean.”

It shows different types of cleaning products and dairy products with the Atlanta logo used in the strangest ways. And it’s certainly not just the four main characters who are visibly irritated by this.

Lead actor and series creator Donald Glover also posted a link on Twitter to a page that contains a kind of first trailer for season 3. Unfortunately, the post doesn’t seem to be active at the moment.

The page can also only be accessed from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. In the trailer, voices repeatedly chant “It’s after the end of the world, don’t you know?” as the camera captures a variety of bleak scenes: an empty theater and courtyard, a quiet city street, a jumble of chairs in a room with TVs on even though no one is there, an escalator, an elevator, a staircase, a dark bar, an empty hallway.

Then cuts to Brian Tyree Henry, who plays Alfred “Paper Boi” Miles, sitting alone at a table staring at the camera while two waiters stand against the wall with their backs to the room. At the end, 2022 appears on the screen. Donald Glover, LaKeith Stanfield and Zazie Beetz are not seen in the trailer.

Atlanta Season 3: Cast

Also in the new episodes, the previous main actors are likely to return. They include Donald Glover (“Community”) as Earn, Brian Tyree Henry (“Vice Principals”) as Alfred “Paper Boi” Miles, Lakeith Stanfield (“Knives Out”) as Darius Epps and Zazie Beetz (“Deadpool 2”) as Vanessa “Van” Keefer.

Atlanta Season 3: Production

Filming on season 3 was supposed to begin in the spring of 2020, but had to be postponed due to the Corona pandemic. Season 4 was supposed to be shot right after.

Finally, filming began in early April 2021, as Glover shared on Instagram.

As the U.S. magazine Deadline reports, filming first took place in London. Then it went to Amsterdam and Paris. Last but not least, it went back to Atlanta.

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